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Your favourites

 It is not that easy to find a soul mate with whom it is pleasant to chat or even unite lives. And how it to be kept? These men are worthy some extra efforts. Understanding it, the ChatOS system offers you several tools that will help you:

An automatic identification of admirers

 The ChatOSsystem will automatically keep adding admirers from your incoming mail box as a default. Every man from whom you have more than two letters will be added to the list of your admirers.

You can change it in the section settings of “Admirers” in the extension:

You can:

  1. Turn off an automatic adding of men to admirers
  2. Specify a number of incoming letters what should be received from a man of list of admirers
  3. Include and exclude admirers from the common mail-out of first letters

If you change the characteristic “Number of incoming letters”, you can test how many men are in your list of admirers by clicking on the button “Test” and when the settings will be specified then click on the button “Save settings” after that men will be automatically added to a list of your admirers.

A manual adding of admirers

 If the system for some reasons cannot cope by itself or you personally want to add a man to admirers you can do it on the profile page just clicking on his profile picture and conforming your intention in the pop-up window.

What is it for?

 Advantages of adding men to admirers:
  1. Men will be excluded from a mail-out of first letters;
  2. If a man is added to admirers, you can see a text box on his profile or on a page of sending a letter to him. Here you can specify all important information about him;
  3. You can send letters to a list of admirers. For example, if you want renew communication with men with what you have been chatting before, you can set mailing to admirers with a help of line “resend via”, limiting receivers of your messages to those you have not been chatting for n days.

Convenient? Isn’t it?

Have a nice chat!

Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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