How to attract fans on international dating sites

Finding fans and the constant interest of men on an international dating site is not an easy task for Ladies…

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What kind of photos are the best for sending in chats and letters to men on international dating sites

1. Photo in process The photo about “doing” is the most interesting. Whatever you tell the Man about yourself, try…

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5 tips on how to start a chat (not about invitations)

Wow! The man has replied to your invitation to chat. Your chat has begun! What’s next? Catch the rules: 1….

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5 tips for response to a man on his first letter

Finally, the long-awaited letter! The Man has responded to your mail. What’s next? How to write a letter which will…

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Top 5 mistakes in invitations to chats. Find yours and stop doing that.

The fight for men’s attention on international dating sites is sooo serious. Skip or accept the invitation – all depends…

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Why letters work

5 facts proving the profitability of letters. This data is specially for you! Conversion of male recipients to interlocutors after…

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What kinds of letters will help you to increase your income up to 30% on international dating sites

How to pave the way to a man’s heart? How to win his favour? Which set of words and phrases…

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The most common mistakes which ladies make while writing letters to foreign men

It is common for everyone to make mistakes. And it should be so, but it’s much better to learn from…

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Why do the men on dating sites are interested to get letters?

What are the ways to influence a man so that he will pay attention to you? What are the best…

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