The letters which are read by 70% of men

THIS IS ABOUT HOW TO EARN MORE There is the reality: 70% of men read letters after paid chats and…

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Enemies of the Long Chat on dating sites

Did you have the feeling that the man who definitely communicates on the site a lot did not stay with…

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Will there be a second and next chats if the first one happened due to hype? Sensations. Is it good or bad thing?

We do not impose our point of view on those who can convert any chat into communication for years. Respect….

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Attention! All offline life turns into online.

1. Your profession has become one of the most sought after and reliable. There is work – there is a…

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Society and the rules of etiquette tell us about what can be done, and what is absolutely not allowed. Of…

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How to hold holiday chats so that the Man wants to continue communicating with you in the future?

Holidays are special. Catch 7 secrets for holiday chat and letters on a dating site. 1. Use emoji, stickers, virtual…

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7 steps to “restart” your online. There is advice on how to “save” the Translator (Operator) from professional burnout

How to determine a “diagnosis”: – If you used to “give out” the high results, but now you’ve slipped down…

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How to work to avoid trouble? Just know where the problem might come from and not do so. What are Men complaining about?

Let’s figure out … 1. Frankly erotic invitations and chats. Forget the “truth” that all Men need the same thing. Men…

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How to understand what is wrong and why is the Lady’s profile NOT TOP for the Translator (Operator)?

Let’s understand what may be the reason for the failure in working with a Lady’s profile. 1. There are working…

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