Will there be a second and next chats if the first one happened due to hype? Sensations. Is it good or bad thing?

16.06.2020 10:06

We do not impose our point of view on those who can convert any chat into communication for years. Respect.

Our article is based on observations about hype chat invitations, the number of one-time chats and our personal vision of trends. Who need this information, please take note.

There is a problem that often men disappear after the first chat, even if it was long and emotional and it seemed that there were common things between a lady and a man.

If anyone knows this situation, we suggest finding out what could have gone wrong.


If you broke into the world of a man with a negative topic, which really bothered him, and you decided to discuss it together … Definitely, the first chat can be very active and long.

You will understand each other, it seems that you are like-minded …

And then you get silence, and he forgets about the lady.

This is because he has calmed down, and he is looking for pleasant emotions. He wants to forget the bad topic. Now the man associates the lady with negative emotion. It was time when he was nervous, annoyed, etc.

That chat was destructive. The man wants to forget about it. It is possible the man feels ashamed of his weakness … well, etc. He does not want to remember her.

So, avoid negativity in communication.


You can touch a man with extreme news or an incredible fact. The chat begins, the discussion is exiting… But if then silence, think about whether it turned out that the chat was like a headline and an article with screaming headline and disappointing content from the yellow journalism

It is unlikely that you will want to read similar articles one after another.

If you start a chat about some breaking event, then you should understand you need conquer the interlocutor with your erudition in order to maintain an interesting conversation.

Moreover, during the conversation switch to personal topics, so that your next chat should be about you and the man. The man would like to know how your day went, but not about next world event.

None goes to a dating site for News.


These are phrases like “Do you know that here …” and further fiction.

If a lady is a big dreamer and captivates a man with a story about something unimaginable (which is supposedly typical or happens in her country, city), and he will be interested, ask … and then disappear, then know that after the chat man will go on internet for details and not find them.

Also, he can clarify these points with other ladies on the site, who definitely will break your story into small pieces. So, the man will not want to communicate with liar anymore.

The same thing can happen if you use phrases like “I am in your city, meet me …” or “Here are my details …”

They are successful for one chat. But there’s a possibility the lady and agency can have problems with such promises.


“Someone is bad or wrong” themes are not good. If you show that you look for negative sides in someone, love to gossip, the man will leave you.

Surely he knows about the recommendations of psychologists to stay away from toxic people who assert themselves by humiliating or condemning others.

He is not looking for such a woman here!


If you managed to hook a man with the phrases “Are you fake ??? (well, or any other interpretation in the style of “you are someone who unworthy a real man status”), and you want he to prove something, then be ready for the fact that the second chat may not be.

Ultimatums, humiliations are not things most people are looking for.

If sensations are your favorite way, then make sure that your hype does not become a one-time popularity method.

Still, regular communication with fans is more effective way for searching on dating sites.

So, build your communication in an emotionally positive, stress-free and personal format.

Start putting these tips into practice. 

Just pay attention that the manual search of the interlocutor is not prospective on international dating sites.

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Have a nice regular chatting!

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