About the ChatOS system

The ChatOS project is a project to create a software system for market representatives – dating agencies and it is a multifunctional system.

The project is not a site or any other type of an Internet platform for dating. This project is a combined system that consists of web-interface for an administration of a business as “Dating agencies” and also extensions for browsers that are created on Chromium platforms for using them on external resources. The extension usage does not break a privacy policy or a copyright of third-party sites. All gathered during a process of system usage is available in an administrative panel and it is strictly confidential for each separate client (a user) of the system. All data can be deleted upon the request of a client. The data are not given to third-parties and not used in any commercials purposes by the project. This project can use data in case of searching or creating new tools but only within itself following all right of owner’s privacy. The project is not responsible for usage and sharing any information directly by a client (a user) of the system that was represented to him under the agreement.

The every multifunctional system has to follow a set of aims for performing and developing a process for what it is created.

The ChatOS aims are the following:

  1. Information collection of work of dating agencies.
  2. An analysis of work effectiveness of dating agencies in whole and separate members.
  3. A development of secondary modules and sub-systems for work of efficiency enhancement of dating agencies.
  4. A maximum simplicity in usage.
  5. A market formation of prosperous atmosphere for work with a help of embedded modules of allocation and traffic control of dating agencies.

An every company and an every business representative that comes in the market needs tools for analytics of conducted work and also plans its future work. In this case of services or products it is very simple, they are possible to measure and to calculate, while a process planning of making firm and long-time relationships between people is not. The mathematics is not enough here. Feelings cannot be measured and actions cannot definitely be directed. Every moment and every day is unique by its nature. And the main aim of the ChatOS system is providing all necessary tools for fulfilment of main task of dating agencies and providing protection and security for all individuals that are system users directly or indirectly. We are deeply concerned that a fulfilment of tasks that are entrusted to dating agencies without a proper software system is practically unreal. Due to this reason it was decided to create this project. We hope that you are satisfied with what we do and what we have in the result.

The philosophy of the ChatOS project

The philosophy is created on the two simple steps and one rule.

Two steps:

  1. To find a benefit and make it more useful.
  2. To find a problem and transform it into a benefit and then do Step 1.
The rule Always, in any circumstances or accidents, no matter what factors are – to stay honest and try to show others that the way to honesty and a useful work is more effective than the opposite.
The example A SPAM it is veryyyy bad but for drawing of attention it is good and if it is useful for an object it is even better but if it is useful for all objects and for an every one individually it is perfect.

If you are trying to make the world better then it will definitely respond you in the same way. It is always can be said that every act of kindness is justa truth sheltering and to do only good deeds is impossible. But no one and never can forbidyou striving for it. And if onewill manage to fulfiltwelve deeds and nest an own seed into a welfare of our society and the planet in general, then our children can live in a better world. In that world where people will be open to each other and build honest and sincere relationships, where a seat in transportation will be free for little children and elderly people. Maybe it is all that sentimental talk and impossible but if you follow this wayto be honest with yourself and with your family then you can tell your childto his face: “I am a good person because I do good business”.

May happiness, success and luck attend you!

And now let’s go back to our contacts. If you have any questions about our extension or a system work just text us. If you have any offers about creation of new extensions or a system enhancement, we will be glad to take them into account. You are welcome to text us.