The extension for chats

The set of flexible tools with a help of which you can easily select the most optimal invitation to a chat and as a result to find a proper interlocutor.

The key tools


The prepared in advance phrases for a quick sending


Possibility to select your favourites to a separate list and do messaging to them


Automatic data collection about your activity

The flexible tool for a search of interlocutors

A convenient functional of invitations to the chat

The history of sent invitations

The possibility to identify the most effective invitation

The global blacklist

The tool for limiting unwanted men out of invitation to the chat

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How to use the extension?


The desktop preparation

ChatOS offers a special tool for a transformation of your desktop into a maximum effective space for chatting or work. With a help of simple tools, during several seconds you will be able to open several browsers on your desktop that you will see all of them at the same time. Thus, you will see several profiles simultaneously (for translators who help ladies) or several sites (for ladies who search for their soulmate on different sites).


The Search for interlocutors

We offer you a flexible tool to search interlocutors that will enable to find a man of different age range, categories etc. The system of messages sending is supplied with a set of filters with a help of what you can easily find an interlocutor and an extra system of message control will send a message to all your potential favourites.


History of sent invitations

Every lady is unique. That is why every lady has to be matched with an appropriate invitation to her personality. To simplify this process, you are offered a tool “History of sent invitations” with a help of which you can see what messages you sent, how many men replied to them and when you sent this message for the last time.



The system automatically collects all data about your activity. Thus, you can see anytime with what men you chatted, for how long and when. With a help of simple interface you can find some information of a certain period of time or about certain list of men. The system will automatically make a list for you with general information or a detailed one about a certain man.



The easy tool in use that will enable to invite a man with earlier prepared messages. You can also use drafts for sending short messages to a man during a chatting. The usage of tool is very simple. How to do it you can learn watching a video in the right side or in the full text of article below.



The innovation from ChatOS. The tool “Fans” `will enable to make a separate list of your fans with a help of what you can easy and quickly start a chat. The fans can be automatically added to your list if you specify determination criteria or manually by clicking on a men’s profile picture in a window of chat or on a profile page. You can send everyone a special invitation to a chat or launch a short sending with invitations with a separate text especially for your fans. You can learn from the video in the left or in the full text of article following the link below how to use this tool.


A blacklist

It is a special tool to exclude a man from communication due to your personal decision and a whole agency. The common and unique tool that works for chats and for mails. It will help you to exclude a man from all types of communication. The synchronization within the agency will enable to exchange information in this area and share your opinions with the“colleagues”. You can see in the video below or in the full text of article following the link also below how to use this tool.

Unique tools

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Saving chat conversations

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