The possibility to analyse data about activity of your ladies’ profiles,
manage financial analytics, set a financial distribution within the company
and to distribute an access to your personal account.

Basic Tools

Analysis of profile activities

Access to all data about activities of your profiles within a personal account. It enables administrators to analyse an activity of ladies and help her if necessary.

Data of all profiles
in one place

All information about your profiles. Adding or editing data about your ladies’ profiles. Receiving summary about profiles amount and their last activities.

Time control of profiles online

With a help of report forms you can see when and how long your profiles were online.

Cash reward settlement

An automatic cash settlement reward of your profiles due to indicated formulas and detailed reporting about them.

Analysis of financial results

Review of information about financial results of your profiles including time spent on the site.

Distribution of access to your personal account

You can create accounts for administrators and translators to set profiles for them to work.

Turn on your admin panel

Administrative panel


Administrative panel

Administrative panel

Administrative panel


Administrative panel


Administrative panel


Administrative panel

How to use a personal account


Lady’s accounts activity management

With a help of this tool the following information will be available for you: the last activity of ladies. The duration and time spent online. Management of access to a system and data editing of lady’s profile. Access to data about profile activity.


Data analysis about activities of your profiles

This tool enables quick and easy access to data about activities of any your profiles. You can review

Blacklist History of mail-out


Analysis of your profiles activity and also their financial result

We introduce you a flexible tool “Financial report” that enables to solve a list of tasks about analytics. When and for how long profiles have been online. A correlation, online time duration and what financial achievements are


Adjustment of money reward

With a help of this tool, you can set a financial distribution within your company. The full range of settings will enable to distribute all resources of your company to the nearest cent. You can see how to use this tool on the video left or follow the link below where you can find the full text of article.


Financial achievements

Report of financial achievements. You can see in short and readable form the full report of financial achievements of your company and your profiles. The total turnover, the general profit per day or any period of time about your profiles or agency. All this is on one page and in an automatic regime. If you are interested in detailed information, you can see a cost-record of each profile separately where you can see all transactions of payments and a formula of calculation of money rewards.


Financial reward – Graphics

If you need to carry out an analysis of certain period of time than the graphic report will be helpful. Here you can see:
1. The tendency of saving of company total turnover
2. Company’s turnover indicator changing per day.
3. The tendency of saving of total turnover of profile.
4. Changing of indicator turnover and average turnover of profiles and separately or comparing between them.


Distribution of access to a personal account

If your agency has several offices or a structure is quite difficult than you an access to data has to be distributed inside a structure. For these purposes, the three dimensions of access to the personal account.
1. An owner, i.e. an owner of personal account can see all information of agency and manage all data.
2. An administrator, i.e. a manager or instructor of group of ladies who is responsible for their activity.
3. An operator, i.e. a minor in hierarchical branch profile. Let’s say for translators who can help ladies to chat.

Unique tools

Time online

Saving a chat correspondence

The deep financial analytics

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