06.05.2021 15:05

In ChatOS Personal Accounts you can see the financial achievements of the agency on sites, and employees can see the fin. statistics on the profile in extensions

Please note that in order to see statistics, you need to:

1. connect the admin panel in your ChatOS personal account (so you will see financial statistics and a report on work in your personal account)

2. set up payment formulas for the profiles (so that employees can see financial statistics in extensions)

After completing these two steps, financial data synchronization will provide you with full control of your income and payments for profile in your personal accounts and ChatOS extensions.

Dear partners! These step by step instructions will help you:

▶ ️ How to connect the site admin panel to your personal account – info here

▶ ️ How to analyze the agency’s income and expenses in the ChatOS personal account, how to work with the financial report of the agency’s activities – info here

▶ ️ How to set up payment formulas for profiles:

– How to set up a simple formula (when you assign a stable payout percentage regardless of the level of income from the profile) – info here

– How to set up an advanced formula (the ability to create formulas and apply flexible settings – percent based on the amount of income of the profile) – info here

– How to track financial statistics in the extension – info here

If you have any questions, write to the technical support, ChatOS specialists will help you.

Productive work to you with ChatOS!

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