Extensions for mails

The unique tools for more effective communication,
saving of history, identification of fans and also protection from a spam.

Basic Tools

Flexible mails sending

Set a group of recipients, a type of communication or speed of sending. Only few clicks on and your messages will be sent.

A global black list

Exclude men from communication. The common Blacklist for chats and mails and also common for the entire agency.

The history of mails

You can see when and to whom you sent mail. And also if your mail was replied or not and how many times it was read.

The protection from spam

Limit sending duplicated mails to those you have previously sent. Send your mails only to new men.


Add men you wish to continue communication, leaving notes about him in comments.

Drawing attention

Attach photos, send emoticons that draw attention, they are available on the site.

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How to use the extension


The desktop preparation

The ChatOS system offers a special tool for a transformation of your desktop into a maximum effective space for communication or work. With a help of simple tools, during several seconds you will be able to open several browsers on your desktop when you will see all of them at the same time. Thus, you will see several profiles simultaneously (for translators who help ladies) or several sites (for ladies who search for their soulmate on different sites).


A search for interlocutors

We are glad to present you a tool searching for interlocutors which will allow you to find men according to your desired criteria.
The system of sending mails is equipped with a set of filters which you can easily find the person you are talking to, and the additional controlling system for mails delivery will ensure that mails are received by potential recipients


The history of sent mails

The tool “History of sent mails” stores information:
What mail you sent
When it was sent
How many times it was read?
How many times the recipients have responded to you


The protection from a spam

If a man does not want to reply or you have already chatted with him – there is no point to text him a first letter again. There are several simple mechanisms that will help you to get an answer. The limitation of re-sending restriction - you can specify how long a man should not receive mails, thereby protecting him from repeated requests.



The tool Fans allows you to select your favorites in a separate list. So, you can easily start chat with them. Fans can be added to your list automatically by specifying the criteria for the determination, or manually by clicking on the men's avatar in the chat window or profile page. You can send everyone a unique invitation to chat or launch a short messages sending with text specifically for your fans. How to use this tool, you can learn from the video on the left or in the full text of the article from the link below.


Global blacklist

The tool that works for both chats and mails. It will exclude a man from sending him letters. Synchronization within the agency will enable you to exchange information including a man in the global blacklist. How to use the tool, you can see in the video or in the full text of the article by link.

Unique tools

Counting time online with camera

Saving chat conversations

Deep financial analytics

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