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For your using there is a functional to search for interlocutors in letters.

With the help of the extension you can customize the sending of letters according to your wishes easily and quickly. Just use all possibilities, criteria and parameters.


About each section and useful features in detail



First of all download and install the extension for letters in your browser. Go to and the extension is ready to work (the extension icon will become active. Launch it.

How to set up and start sending Choose Select an action section select the category of recipients:

◈    Send a letter – letters will be sent to men on the site, excluding men from the lists of fans, blacklist, hotlist, requests for private photos, viewed the profile

◈ ⠀ Send to fans – letters will be sent to men from the list of fans (men from the black list are excluded from sending)

◈ ⠀ To favorite fans – the sending process will be performed according to the list of spesial fans who are in favorites

By marking the best interlocutors with stars icons, you can set up a separate sending for them, and also work with this list using the Favorites filter

Also, when working with special categories, you can set the delay between the current and the previous sending.

◈ ⠀ Agency Fans – letters will be sent to men who are on the lists of fans of all ladies of your agency (within the ChatOS personal account). Your fans and men from the categories that have interest to your profile are excluded

For example, setting 48 hours means that letters will be sent to men, to whom the previous sending by the extension was performed 48 hours ago and earlier. Determine the time according to your preferences.

◈ ⠀ Hotlist – letters will be sent to men from the hot list on the site (men from the blacklist and fans are excluded from sending)

Letters can be sent to men who added a lady to their hotlists. And you can send according to the men’s list or lady’s list. You can choose the one you need here

◈ ⠀ Viewed your profile – sending by the list of those who viewed the profile (men from the black list and fans are excluded from the sending)

◈ ⠀ Requests for private photos – sending letters to men from the list of requests for private photos (men from the black list and fans are excluded from sending)

◈ ⠀ White list – mails will be sent to men with whom there was communication from all the ladies in your agency personal account (fans and men from the Black list are excluded)

◈ ⠀ Send Kiss – sending kisses to men on the site (men from the blacklist and fans are excluded from sending)

◈ ⠀ Your own list – sending according to the created lists of men. You can create lady’s own lists for sending letters to the desired men. There may be several lists. Lists can be added, edited, deleted as needed. After setting the parameter “your own list”, select the required sending list.

Нou can create lists in the “Create list” section

– enter the name of the list

– add a list of men (enter the required men in the ID field separated by commas and click Add men)

Male audiences collecting is a setting that allows you to form recipient audiences for you. If the checkbox is checked, the extension generates relevant audiences for sending (by hotlist, who viewed the profile, requests for private photos).

At the same time, keep in mind that the communicator will not have the New status in the corresponding sections, because the extension will “open and view” them.

In other words, if there is a check mark, then you will be able to send through the lists “Request to view private photos”, “Viewed profile”, “Hotlist”.

If there is no check mark, then the extension will not know anything about such men, and the above audiences will not be filled with interested men for sending.

Specify the Number of letters you want to send. (There is no limit for sent mails per day for the site. Thus, the number of mails is up to you)

You can choose the Speed. You can send with fast, normal or slow speed. It depends on your time or desire. There are no strict rules for sending speed.


Now set up the Searching filters:

In this section you can define the parameters that are important for your search, characterizing a man.

And you can also select the parameter when a man has registered on the site, his online / offline status

Now about the creation of the letter text:


Use Variables to make your letters unique.

How to use them.

For you – variables about a man, a lady and welcome variables.

Place the cursor in the right place in the letter and click on the variable you need. It will go to the cursor location.Details about working with variables about a man you can read here.

Welcome variables are described here.

And when using the function “Remove irrelevant variable” the system will send a letter to the man, even if his profile does not contain information about {age}, for example. This irrelevant variable will simply be removed from the mail.

Therefore, pay attention in setting this function. In case if there is no specific variable in the man’s profile, meaning of your text has to keep sense even without information from the variable.


When creating a letter, it is not necessary to write or search-copy-paste information about the Lady every time. Everything is already at hand in extension for each Lady and with one click in each letter. It is enough describe a Lady once, and the data about her will be substituted into the letter as a variable: information about the name, age, appearance, family, and general description. Here is a link to learn more

The field Letter Text is for your to type the text you want.

You can name the letter. This will be the title of the letter for you. The man does not receive the title text. You can create a name or not. This heading will make it easier for you to find the letter in the history section.

Under the field for creating a letter there are icons “start sending”, “save to history” (in case you do not plan to send this letter right now) and “maximize” (to make editing and creation more convenient)

And the “globe” icon will help you with translation into English, if necessary. Click on the globe and a smart editor will be opened for you. Write the text in your native language, click “translate”, “paste”. The text in English will go to the field for creating the letter.


Also, you can set your workplace as you like by using the Set your desktop:

Put the windows on the screen of your computer in a convenient place and size. Select the desired location on the schematic desktop. 

Click “Start sending” and enjoy communication with interlocutors.


➫⠀⠀Next sending – re-sending a letter to the same man is possible no earlier than 10 day after the previous sending. Try not to send the same letters every day.

➫    Mail monitoring – ChatOS system scans alady’s inbox and automatically adds to the fan list men who have sent at least one incoming mail. It allows the extension to exclude them from sending letters to new men, aimed at acquaintance and the beginning of communication.

➫⠀⠀Smart sending. The system will always exclude men who are in the Black list and your fans from sending letters (of course, if we talk about sending letters by the criterion “by fans”, then men are excluded only from the Black list) List of Fans and the Black List are common for one lady in the extension for chats and mails.

➫⠀⠀ Sending progress – After starting sending letters, the progress of sending is to your attention. So you can control what happens, how many letters are sent,  how many letters are left to send.

➫  New letters – on the main page you can see the corresponding icon and the number of incoming letters that the lady has not seen yet.

Also the system will also show a notification about each new incoming letter when you are online

➫  Online fan – As soon as one of the lady’s fans goes online on the site, you will receive a notification about this and you can immediately write to him.

➫  Finances in the extension – on the main page, you can track the remuneration for this profile, if the corresponding settings are made in the Personal Account.

➫  Comments and notes about a fan – everything that is important for communication with a man, add to comments (unlimited length) or short notes (up to 255 characters each)


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