Расширение для чатов на сайте Jump4love от ChatOS

11.04.2017 16:07


This extension is created to simplify a process of interlocutors search on the Jump4love.com site.

The tool for interlocutors search. Text an invitation, indicate an auditorium and press a button “Start a mail-out”.

Mostly, the translators have to work simultaneously with several browsers as well as girls if you wish to find a soul mate on several resources simultaneously. In this case, you have to control several windows at the same time but this is not easy.

To solve this problem once for all, the ChatOS system offers a very simple but an effective offer. With a help of two tools within couple seconds you can set your desktop for that number of browsers what you need and in that desirable type. Thus, you will see all windows at the same time and your computer will work faster.

“Blacklist” is the only universal tool for all extensions of the ChatOS system. With a help of this tool you can exclude men out of the chat and you can leave comments for yourself to remember why you did it.

Every girl can add a man to a blacklist or to a global one. If a man is added to a global blacklist then the information about him will be automatically transferred to all girls within your agency. Administrators can add, delete or edit information about a man with a help of certain tool in personal accounts.

With a help of tool “Statistics” you can see with what man you chatted, for how long and when during your activity on the site, a separate interval or a day due to a man or a list. All it is in tables.

“Drafts” is an easy in usage tool that enables to invite a man with a help of earlier prepared messages. You can also use drafts for sending short messages during a chat.

The tool “Admires” enables to outline your favorites as a separate list with a help of which you will be able to start a chat quickly. And also to send everyone a special invitation to a chat or to launch a mail-out with a separate text especially for your followers. Admires can be automatically added to your list if you manually set certain criteria by clicking on a profile picture of a man in the window of a chat or on a profile page.

We offer your attention a tool “History of mail-out” with a help of what you can see:

  1. What message did you sent.
  2. How many men replied on them.
  3. When was the last time you sent a message.

Thus, with a help of three simple characteristics you can easily choose the most appropriate invitation to your girl.

You can try the extension for Jump4love chats during three days for free. The only step you have to do is to download it from the store Google following this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jump4love-chatos-chat-opt/nihkkhhfoineaadadojojdmmhhjgopjo?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon

We hope you will like this updating.
Have a nice chat.
Sincerely, the ChatOS team.


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