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15.01.2018 14:19

For your using there is a functional to search for interlocutors in chats. With the help of the extension, you can easily and quickly set up sending invitations to the chats according to your wishes with help of wide range of criteria and parameters.

Get ready to start working and get acquainted with the basic tools.

«Black list» Аdd men, you do not want to communicate with. Specify the man’s ID, his Name and brief information about him.

To add a man to the “Personal” blacklist, click on the “Ban” icon and confirm the action. Done!(pic. ?)

For quick removal click again on the icon symbolizing the Black List. (pic ?)

You also have the opportunity to add / remove men in the appropriate section of the extension. A Lady (Translator) in the extension can add a man to the Personal Blacklist. If there is a need to add a man to the Global Blacklist, in order to restrict ALL your ladies from sending invitations to this man, it is necessary to provide the ID and information about such a man to an employee who has access to the ChatOS Personal Account of your agency. Adding, deleting, controlling the list of men in the Global Blacklist is carried out only in the Personal Account.

Save the changes – and it’s done! Men from the Blacklist will never receive a chat invitation or letter (if you also use extension for letters from ChatOS). Please note the Blacklist will not interact with PrimeDate sending service.

«Fans» is a list of your most prospective and valuable interlocutors.

To add a man to the fans – open chat with him, click on the “Heart” icon at the top of the page, confirm the action – and it’s done! The specific man is on your fans list. (pic?)


To remove a man click on the icon again.(pic?)

Add the “Comment” to the extension for chats in field “information about the man”.

Now all the information (all notes) about your fans will be in one place, and you can always quickly find information about a particular man.

«History» is an archive of your sent invitations to a chat. Here you can see the text, the number of sent messages, the number of replies, the date when the last message was sent.

And color saturation will inform you about the feedback. The richer green color is, the more rated the mail is. To “History” you can add messages manually. Enter text and save. So you can quickly update the database of invitations (especially it’s effective when you send set of several different messages)

«Statistics» – a section where information about your chats is stored for you. There you can see a list of man and and the date when you received the last message from him. And searching filters for dates or men’s ID will help you quickly and easily to get necessary information.

«Additional Information» is a section where you can save all the necessary current information about a lady, for example: hobby, stories from her life, personal information, etc. Just fill the information in the Notes field or add comments if it comes to her plans, trips, etc. Do not forget to Save your comments and information about the lady will always be at your hand.

Let’s find out at the way it works!

First of all download and install the extension in your browser. Go to the chat page on PrimeDate.com site. You can see the extension icon will become active, the extension is ready to work. Launch it.

How to set and launch the extension

Select a lady

Before activating the extension for a particular lady, ChatOS system will ask you to confirm the action to start using the extension. Only after your confirmation the extension will be launched and it is considered as active. So you can use extensions for one or several or all ladies. It is up to you.

Let’s choose the criteria:

In the section Send to you can choose the category of man

◈⠀⠀OnlineInvitations will be sent to men who are now online on the site (excluding fans and men from the Black list)

◈⠀⠀Only with a photo invitations are sent to men, who have a photo in their profiles (exceptfans and men from the Black list)

◈⠀⠀White list invitations are sent to men who had communication with all the ladies from your agency’s Personal account (except for the Blacklist and your fans)

◈⠀⠀Search new – invitations are sent to the men who are on-line now but who are not in the White list and who had not communication with you.

◈⠀⠀Sent letters – the invitations are sent to the men who had previously received the letter from you. The letters should be sent only with the help of ChatOS extension for mails on Prime.Date.

◈⠀⠀All agency Bookmarked – Invitations will be sent to all men online, from all the “Bookmarked” list of all your agency ladies (within your ChatOS personal account) But it does not include your Personal Bookmarked list. Your men is excluded from this parameter.

Please note, that re-sending invitations to the above categories of men is possible no earlier than after 6 hours

◈⠀⠀Fans – sending invitations to fans. Create or select a special message text for your Fans from “History”. Set the desired period of how many hours you have not communicated. If you set the value “5”, for example, it means that invitations will be sent to fans with whom you had no chats for 5 or more hours. If you set the zero parameter, invitations will be sent to fans from whom you received the last message 15 or more minutes ago, and will be online at the time of sending.

◈⠀⠀Bookmarked – you can invite to the chat the men who are referred to Bookmarked Category. Just select this category of recipients, set the time during which you have not communicated, create a special invitation and remind about yourself. The category “Bookmarked” works similarly to Fans.

◈⠀⠀Talked in chat – you can invite men with whom you had been chatting. Perhaps for some reason you have excluded (or did not include) the man whom you communicated with to Bookmarked Category, but it is important for you to remind about yourself, therefore select the category “Talked in chat” set the time during which you have not communicated create a special invitation and remind about yourself. The category “Talked in chat” works similarly to “Fans” and “Bookmarked”

In the Sending Type section you select the invitations you want to send:

If you choose:

➤⠀⠀One message means that you need to create a new one to send. Text message in the “Text” field.

➤⠀⠀All messages means that all messages from your previous history will be sent randomly

➤⠀⠀Selected messages will be sent from your history. Choose some messages and they will be sent randomly

➤⠀⠀With answers Messages from your history which got responses from men will be send.

➤⠀⠀Set of messages You can choose few messages or create new ones in the History which will be sent to the men consequently, You can also point out time interval between messages delivering.

➤⠀⠀Photo/video/audio – you can send photo video from the lady’s gallery loaded on PrimeDate website.

➤⠀⠀There is a new parameter “Forcible set” in the “Type of sending” of extension. “Forcible set” is a way of delivering an invitation in a chat to new men (this parameter is most relevant for inviting to chat men lady has never communicated with.

So, use “Forcible set” to invite new men to chat (for the “Online”, “Only with photos”, “Search new”, “White list”, “Sent letters”, “All agency Bookmarked” categories when you choose parameter from “Send to”)

To set up the “Forcible set” for sending, you need to:

⠀⠀❶ ⠀Create from 5 to 10 different consecutive logical invitations to chat (the best option is 5)

⠀⠀❷ ⠀Select these messages for “Forcible set” (by clicking on each in the correct order – this order will be preserved for sending invitations to a man). The selected invitations are colored blue and you can see the number of selected messages (see picture)

⠀⠀❸ ⠀Start sending.

Attention! Important! Do not compare of the “Forcible set” and “Set of message” as an analogy!!!

These parameters have completely different algorithms and delivery principles, despite the apparent similarity in using for users.

Please, remember: “Forcible set”is for invitations of new men, “Set of messages” is for men who you have already communicated with before.

Read more about Forcible set here.

You can find out how to create invitations for the Forcible sethere.

What is not recommended when working with the “Forcible set” described here.

In the Age section specify the desired age of recipients.

Create Additional messages:

Create auto-responses in the appropriate text fields for each reaction of men: Like, Wink, Comment. Text will be saved automatically while texting.

The system will always send auto-responses, but with the following restrictions:

The extension will never send the same text again to the same man and the extension will not send an auto reply if a paid message came during 2 last minutes before reaction from the man. Accordingly, if you are in the process of chatting with a man then the auto reply will not be sent.

Recommendation: try to update your auto-responses regularly.

Also you can set your workplace as you like using the Set your desktop:

Put the windows on the screen of your computer in a convenient place and size. Select the desired location on the schematic desktop

Everything is ready! Click “Start sending” and enjoy communication with interlocutors.

Additional features in the extension:

➫⠀⠀When the man responds to your message which was sent via the extension, you will receive an audio notification about beginning of the chat (“New message on Prime Date”) and a pop-up window in the low right corner of your screen informing you that the chat has been started. To turn off/ on sound and visual notification about New message you need to uncheck the box on the bottom of the page “Turn ON/OFF ChatOS notifications”

In order to receive sound and visual notifications about likes, wines, comments – check the box next to “Likes, Winks, Comments” Please note that the Prime.Date site has a request-action limit per minute for the operator. And in order to organize your search and communication on the website without restrictions and stops, if necessary, you can slow down invitations sending by turning “Send invites slowly” We recommend you read more about the limit of requests on the site and when and how to use the “Send invites slowly” tool HERE Here you will also observe the sending progress with information on the allowed limit of requests for the moment and amount of actions you are allowed to do (on the pic 36/40)

You can choose to show only chats with messages – for this, check the box next to “only messages” or also chats with likes, wines and comments (uncheck the box next to “only messages”) (pic ?) And the corresponding icons will visually inform you what the man has sent you (pic ?)

Кликните на нужный чат – и он откроется для Вас.

➫⠀⠀Autotranslator You don’t need to know English perfectly to be understood by a man. Text the phrase in the text field and click “Translate”. Immediately your phrase converts in English version. In addition to the Translate button, you can translate using hotkeys. To do this, highlight the message and press the key combination Alt + N

➫⠀⠀Language switch in the extension – the ability to switch languages: Russian to English and visa versa.. Click on the appropriate flag, symbolizing the language you need, confirm the action and, open the extension again.

➫⠀⠀The extension for chats for prime.date has innovative technology ChatOS balancer. This solution will make the search even more effective. It will provide guaranteed invitation delivery to men. More information about the balancer from ChatOS you can find out here

➫⠀⠀Online chat with ChatOS technical support specialist is available to Ladies and Translators directly from the Prime.Date chat page.

How to increase the chances to get response? Recommendations for using the extension for chats.

Use all the helpful tips. Implement the recommendations below. They will help to make your search as efficient as possible.

Using the extension for chats and the extension for mails, you can increase the chances to find new fans, get maximum results and enjoy your time on PrimeDate.com.

Download the extension for chats for Prime.date

We hope you will enjoy using the extension for mails on Prime.Date from ChatOS.

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ChatOS team wishes you a productive search and pleasant communication!

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