7 steps to “restart” your online. There is advice on how to “save” the Translator (Operator) from professional burnout

12.03.2020 15:04

How to determine a “diagnosis”:

– If you used to “give out” the high results, but now you’ve slipped down

– If you run out of ideas and it already seems that there are no ideas, what to write or add to the work in order to interest men constantly

– If your online is not productive

– If communication with fans is sad or you notice that the fans are leaving “for some reason”

– if it seems that the site is dying, profiles are not good, men are also not the same as before…

If so, then the Translator (Operator) needs to restart professionally. URGENTLY!

Yes, it’s difficult for a translator. Night schedule, often remote work, monotony …

How to return the results and breathe new energy and ideas? Here are 7 points.

Do them all and see how things change for the better.

1. Leave work for a week. Do not go online, do not think about profiles …

2. Change the schedule. And devote the whole week to various events: exhibitions, concerts, travels (if possible), movies, wine … Learn the poster of the city and hang out at various events.

3. Do completely new and unusual things for yourself.

4. Read a couple of popular books

5. Subscribe and watch bloggers who talk about relationships, or just about other topics which are interesting to you…

6. Communicate with people who motivate and drive you. A colleague, friend … doesn’t matter.

The main thing is that you don’t have to cry into the vest of some “understanding” friend. Do not communicate with someone who will let you cry and stay sad…

Find the one who says, “pack up, bro:). Everything is great! Listen here … now we are …)))”

7. In the meantime, you will “hang out” for 7 days, look around. For example, look at people who every day for an hour or two get to office for work and back, look at people whose salaries depend on the estimate or mood of the boss, and not on how employee tries to work, on the fact that on a rainy or snowy frosty day they get to the office, risking another fine for a ten-minute delay ….

And think that your work is still cool.

– Firstly, everything is in your hands – It means the size of your salary. You can earn as much as YOU want

– Secondly, comfort, warmth, coziness, schedule and the ability to combine a cozy bathrobe, fur slippers, tea and chocolate with work. It’s good, after all.

– Thirdly, you learn a foreign language, and also learn to communicate with people and develop, first of all, YOUR communication and diplomatic abilities, which will definitely come in handy in your offline life.

– Fourth, giving people happiness is a mission that deserves self-esteem. Just the main thing is to work in harmony with yourself and your vision of the world.

In fact, still cool!

Done! The week of rebooting ends, and you are back with a new inspiration, new ideas and topics for communication! And, actually, everything already seems different. 

The law is simple: if we are full of events and emotions, then we have something to say and your mood to do something better than usual

Start putting these tips into practice. 

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