How to work to avoid trouble? Just know where the problem might come from and not do so. What are Men complaining about?

12.03.2020 14:50

1. Frankly erotic invitations and chats. Forget the “truth” that all Men need the same thing.

Men who have come to marry, make friends, find a long-term relationship are not like that.

And they can be upset and even angry if their high aspirations lead to frankly intimate goals in communication. So there is a complaint!

Look for the right audience and talk about relevant things.

2. Deception. If a Man finds inconsistency in information about the Lady’s life or receives time to time different versions of one episode, then, of course, he begins to doubt, conduct his own investigations … complain.

No need to provoke a person and give him reason to be disappointed.

Remember everything that was said. And big events, and little things.

if you have bad memory, then write down. ChatOS extensions have comment and note fields😉

3. Material requests. Here about requests to help financially or give a gift.

Foreign Men painfully tolerate mercantile things.

There is a lot of such “goodness” in their country, and a man can regard material requests as extortion, for example.

Even if you really want your fan to make some kind of surprise for you, think that your hint should not be regarded as a thirst for profit.

4. Resentment to rejection. This is about promises. And in this case about false promises of a Lady.

Work according to the rule: do not promise and do not reassure if you cannot or will not fulfill.

Think over each phrase. Will not the Man regard this later as a promise and not fulfillment?

You know, using paid services on the site, a man is unlikely to forgive the Lady who promise but do not do

5. Resentment. Yes. As a rule, just like that, the Lady will not begin communication to offend a man. But in the process of a quarrel… It happens. And what?

A man may be offended by incorrectness addressed to him.

And, in truth, even if you are a hundred times right, and it was the Man who initiated the quarrel, and he was the first to offend you, and also several times, and in an even more terrible form than you … It doesn’t matter .

In 99 cases out of 100, and maybe even in 100, the site will take the side of Men.

Therefore, keep your emotions. If you don’t want to communicate, don’t have to endure and answer in the negative. Just “leave” and do not quarrel.

6. She is in a relationship !!! Here about the fact that for a man who is interested in a Lady, it becomes a blow. Photos on social networks where a Lady surrounded by other men or guys.

Remember that photos that are posted on the Internet are available to EVERYONE! To the whole world! (if the profile is not closed. But is it  not closed. Right? 😊 Otherwise, why then the profile in social networks if no one knows about you😂)

So, there is no third way: either the Lady wants to find successful communication on the dating site and is looking for a Man there (while remaining a bachelor on social networks), or the Lady actively informs the world about all her male friends and fans on social networks, provoking her profile to dating site for risks.

7. She is on other sites. This is a rhetorical question. A man finds a profile of his beloved on another international dating site. And … upset, complaints.

And, on the one hand, what is terrible here? Nothing. Why can’t a Lady use several chances to find her love?

Probably, it would look a little strange if people date only in a cafe, and in no case at events, clubs, social networks, on streets …. Because we has to get acquainted only in a cafe 😂

And on the other hand, most dating sites have very categorical requirements for agencies to register Ladies. And here, as they say, there are no options. I found a man on another site. Girl – Agency responsibility.

8. Of course, even Men can complain about scam and other similar things.

But are you not like that? So this is not about you!

Integrity and quality of communication should remain a priority.

All people are different, everyone sees happiness and search in different ways.

But, definitely, communication in pleasure is great and promising for both.

And this is the coolest immunity from complaints.

Start putting these tips into practice. 

Just pay attention that the manual search of the interlocutor is not prospective on international dating sites.

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Have a nice search and chat! 💚

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