How to understand what is wrong and why is the Lady’s profile NOT TOP for the Translator (Operator)?

12.03.2020 14:31

1. There are working and non-working chat invitations.

So, analyze and understand if your invitations and presentation mails belong to the “working ones”?

We already described how to create working invitations in a separate article from our 5+ articles.

Look if you forgot or missed.

2. Wrong communication.

Here you need to ask yourself the question: how many first chats turn into second, third, etc…. And if the percentage is small, then, frankly, there is something wrong with the presentation of thoughts and the ability to interest.

The ability to lead a dialogue is an important thing.

Think or ask for help or evaluation from an authoritative person for you. Can communication be called exciting and special? And what is wrong or what should be changed, added?

3. Estimate the amount of spent online activity time 

Experiment a few days. Change the schedule. You may just be looking for Fans at the wrong time. Different countries, different busyness, different Male audience…

4. Think about whether you use all the possible methods to attract attention?

And if you say to yourself: “well, working with mails is not my format”, “virtual gifts, stickers … etc. are not mine, it does not work …” We respect your opinion.

But think about the fact that if such a service is on the site, then someone else (your competitor) uses it, which means that she receives more attention to the profile. Accordingly, not using something means reduce the potential.

5. Understand, maybe you are trying to attract the wrong Men to your profile?

And they pass by, because they are not your target audience and such an “offer” is not suitable for them. And you are wasting your time trying ( a simple example) to offer sweets for a person who is looking for dietary products, or vice versa 🙂

6. And – Yes! The profile may be “not yours.”

This is when the Operator (Translator) leads an incorrectly selected profile.

And accordingly, firstly, there may be no harmony in what we write, what we are talking about.

And secondly, factors when there is an age gap or a way to communicate between the Translator and the Lady work against you.

How to choose a profile correctly is in previous 5+ articles. Please, read it!

7. Well, of course, think about it: do you work with energy?

Is there excitement and inspiration? What mood do you have going online? Have you tired professionally? Maybe you need reloading? 🙂

All of these points are very readable between the lines in communication.

We all and always understand how willing a person for communication and whether he is interesting to us in a particular mood. Right? Here you go.

Remember that if you are tired, there is no desire to come up with something new, ideas have ended … you need a reboot, otherwise it will not work :)!
If this is about you, then look for the following articles.  We will tell you how to do this.

Start putting these tips into practice. 

Just pay attention that the manual search of the interlocutor is not prospective on international dating sites.

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And you just accept the chats and enjoy the male attention.

Productive work for you! 💚

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