5 types of photos which are not good for sending

Of course, photos in chat and letters are good way and should be sent. But how to do it so…

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5 things to do after the first chat

1. Add Man to Fans. If you are not disappointed in the man during the first chat, then this man…

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5 tips how to come up with an invitation in chat

1.Analyze lady’s interests / hobbies / passion – Study the lay’s profile and highlight her interests. Choose strong points on…

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What you should doing if your fan has lost the interest to you on international dating site

If your fan doesn’t get in touch, doesn’t show his former interest, doesn’t message, doesn’t communicate, ignores … And you…

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5 life hacks for an exciting chat on international dating sites

Ladies and Translators of dating and marriage agencies who are in search of attention and relationships on dating sites, catch…

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5 mistakes in online communication on international dating sites that turn a man away from a Lady

It happened! He replied … talked to me… and then disappeared …? Ladies and Translators of dating and marriage agencies!…

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How to attract fans on international dating sites

Finding fans and the constant interest of men on an international dating site is not an easy task for Ladies…

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What kind of photos are the best for sending in chats and letters to men on international dating sites

1. Photo in process The photo about “doing” is the most interesting. Whatever you tell the Man about yourself, try…

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5 tips on how to start a chat (not about invitations)

Wow! The man has replied to your invitation to chat. Your chat has begun! What’s next? Catch the rules: 1….

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