Ways to refuse the man, so he doesn’t leave you

09.09.2020 19:14

Often Ladies, Translators and Operators are confused when a man makes a categorical proposal and waits for “Yes” answer, otherwise ….

“We will continue if you give me your contact data.”

“We will continue if we meet in a week.”

“You should only communicate with me and not be online at any other time” … And so on

The reasons for this behavior of a man can be different:

1. A man is a manipulator by nature.

2. This is the cry of a desperate or previously deceived person

3. This is selfishness and a manner of receiving everything at once without the investment of time and money in building relationships.

There are 2 options for actions:

When a Lady is looking for a husband and does not want to waste time on dating and long communication, then feel free to say “NO” to a man if he is from the above list of 3.

When you are not going to tell him YES, but you do not want to interrupt the communication, then use one of 5 techniques. They can extinguish a man’s insistence and show the man that you also have your opinion and that he should soften or postpone his demands. But it is important not to promise what you are not going to fulfill.

1. Alternative. “Wow! Your proposal (idea) sounds very tempting (interesting, reasonable …), but I suggest you…” and further your conditions.

The phrase about the attractiveness of the offer will already tell the man that you are interested in his offer, and he will relax. And the second part makes it clear that there is something to improve or change in it.

And then turn on your skill in generating the right ideas

2. I wish I could!.. but my previous experiences …

A man hears about your “theoretical” readiness and already accepts it as almost agreement. And here you can develop your “almost” by telling how it was last time and how you decided to protect yourself from bad accidents. And tell him that before this thing you will make these 3 steps…

And, as it seems to you, it costs nothing for a serious man to prove his decency to a lady by proving with such easy steps about safety, responsibility, adequacy … so that you, a fragile girl, would trust.

3. You are not an expert. “It sounds great, but I don’t know it at all.” And you can offer your own simple way.

Admire his advancement, show yourself a little weaker and ask to be indulgent and support you at your level of “development”. Of course, with great gratitude.

When you stroke his Ego, your Teacher should calm down and become more patient)

4. I have something as well. After hearing the ultimatum, you can say: “Good. I respect your demand, but in a couple, both partners can have their own terms that must be respected by both, right? And after that “voice” your hard-to-fulfill desire.

And, having come to the conclusion that it is impossible to do this right here and now, propose to move gradually, but confidently, satisfying each other’s wishes if possible.

5. Stop it! Having understood the pressure and having received an ultimatum, say something like that: “Dear John!  I’m here for the same things as you. But ultimatums or orders are not things which should be in a relationship, as for me.

If you are looking for a relationship where you dictate the conditions, and a woman who only serves you, then this is definitely not me and, most likely, it is impossible to find such a lady.

Human rights, feelings of both, and planning are what should be between us.

And if you are ready to go to what you want, while hearing and taking into account the wishes of your woman, let’s start communicating and decide TOGETHER what will happen next.

If not, then perhaps you should look for a slave woman. But I have not met such people in my country never:)”

Experiment, choose options for yourself that are in harmony with the lady’s profile on the site, with a specific situation. Get ready and come up with your alternatives-requirements and try to convert a one-phrase chat into a long conversation.

Also do not regret about the men who leave. It may be that sooner or later, after running around the ladies, and not getting what he requires, the man will be convinced of the truth of your arguments, remember your “almost agreement, but …” and come calm and back to build relationships step by step.

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