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11.04.2017 23:20

The aim of this tool is to permit administrators to analyse a girl’s activity and help her if needed.

Point to the button for changing a type of information review  , аfter that you will see a menu.

In case, there is no information about a girl’s activity you will the on the server:

If data about profile’s activity exist on our server than you will see buttons of management:

For switching a type of information analysing, click on the button that corresponds the necessary information:

  1. Drafts
  2. Statistics
  3. Admirers
  4. Blacklist
  5. History of mail-out

Analysis of activity

You can see on the page of information analysis:

  1. Information about an account you are revising (title).
  2. A copy of data from what date you revise (Up-right).
  3. Buttons of switching between modes.

The review interface of information is maximum come up to the extension interface, that is why, you will revise information about a girl the same as she. It will enable to conduct instruction or a discussion in a remote mode.

Important to know! Currently, you can only revise information. We prepare the system to an active data interchange within what you will be able to edit data and it will be transmitted to the extension of a girl.

Use the button in the up to revise different information about a profile. Clicking on each one you will move to the relevant mode and the relevant data will be shown for you.

We are sure that having received a possibility to analyse objective data of girl’s activity, she can be help to find interlocutors more effective than getting to know information from her.

We are expecting for feedbacks and proposals from you.

Sincerely, the team ChatOS Bot!

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