About the ChatOS system

The purpose of the ChatOS project

The ChatOS project is a project to create software for market representatives – marriage agencies and is a complex multifunctional system.

The project is not a site or otherwise. The ChatOS project is a mixed system consisting of a web-based interface for business, like “Marriage Agency”, and also extends the possibilities for browsers built on the Chromium platform for use on external resources. The use of extensions does not violate the privacy policy or the copyright of third-party sites. All information that is collected during the use of the system is available in the administrative panel and is strictly confidential for each individual client (user) of the system. All data can be deleted on request from the client. Data is not transferred to third parties and is not used for commercial purposes. The project can use the data to find and create new tools, but only within itself, while respecting all the rights of the owner. The project is not responsible for the use or dissemination of information by the customer (user) of the system, which was provided to him by his consent.Each multifunctional system must pursue a set of goals for the implementation and improvement of the process for which it is created.

The goals of the ChatOS system are:

  1. Collection of information on the activities of marriage agencies.
  2. Analysis of the effectiveness of marriage agencies in general and individual employees or components.
  3. Development of auxiliary modules and subsystems to improve the efficiency of marriage agencies.
  4. Maximum ease of use.
  5. Forming a favorable atmosphere in the market for working with built-in modules for the distribution and control of marital agency traffic.

Every company and every representative of the business that entered the market needs tools for analyzing the work done and planning the work for the future. In the case of services or products – everything is simple, they can be measured and counted, in contrast to the organization of the process of building strong and long-term relationships between people. In this case, just math is not enough. Feelings can not be measured, but actions can be unequivocally directed. Each case and every day are unique in nature. And the main purpose of the ChatOS system is to provide all the necessary tools for the direct task of marriage agencies, as well as to ensure the protection and safety of all persons who are direct or indirect users of the system.

We are deeply convinced that the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to the marriage agency without decent software is almost impossible, it is for this reason that a decision was taken to create this project. We hope that you are satisfied with what we are doing, and how this is achieved as a result.

The philosophy of the ChatOS project

The philosophy of the project is built on two simple steps and one rule.

Two steps:

  1. Find the benefit and try to make it more “useful”.
  2. Find harm – turn in favor and execute Step 1.


Always, in all circumstances and events, regardless of any factors, remain a decent person and try to show others that the path of decency and useful actions is ultimately much more effective and effective than the opposite.


SPAM is sooooooo bad, but attracting attention is good, and if it’s useful for an object it’s even better, and if it’s useful for all objects and for everyone in its own way – it’s almost perfect. If the systems for sending Email letters carefully conducted the analysis of the ardesates and their attitude to the senders, perhaps we would have forever forgotten the word SPAM.

If you are trying to make the world better, then he will necessarily answer you the same. It can always be said that any good deed is just a cover of the truth or that it is impossible to do only good deeds. But no one will ever try to strive for this. And if we manage to accomplish twelve feats, invest our own grain in the welfare of our society and the planet as a whole, then maybe, just, perhaps, our children will live in a better world. Where people will be open to each other, they will build a clean, sincere relationship, and the place on the bus will be passed from the little girl by chain and ends from grandfather to grandmother. Maybe it’s all lyrics and it’s impossible, but if you still go this way, then you will be honest with yourself and with your family, you can tell your child in the eyes: “I’m a good person, because I do good things” .

Happiness to all, success and good luck!

And now, let’s return to our contacts. If you have any questions about our extension or the operation of the system – please write to us. If you have suggestions for creating new extensions or for improving the system – we will be happy to take them into account, please write to us.