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Unread mails (control of new incoming mails) is an additional tool in the extension for mails, which allows you to monitor new incoming mail and increase the quality and quantity of correspondence due to timely feedback at the moment when the interlocutor is waiting for reply and wants to communicate.

There is a system of notifications: sound, push notifications and displaying the number of new unviewed mails on the main page of the extension.

Use of the “Unread mails” tool is optional’

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“Unread mails” functionality works for both extension for chats, and for the extension for mails. It is activated at once for all your profiles from the “Ladies” section of the extension.

There are two ways to activate the functionality.

The first one is to check the box next to “Unread mails” on the chat page

The second is to check the box on the main page of the extension for mails next to “Info about new unread mail”

By activating the setting in chats, it is automatically applied to the extension for mails. And vice versa.

After turning on the checkbox, the functionality is considered active for all your profiles. It will remain active until the user deactivates it by unchecking the checkbox.

If you do not need to use the feature, disable the check mark before stopping work. So, on the next day of using the extension, the ChatOS system will consider the “New Mail Control” function inactive for a specific profile


– For profiles who have not used “Unread mails” tool on the current day

If the setting remained inactive during the current day (the checkbox was not turned on), the functionality remains free.

– For new profiles in the ChatOS system

As a gift for acquaintance, each new profile that has not used the ChatOS extension before receives 14 days of free using of “Unread mails” tool

After 14 days of use, the ChatOS system will inform the Operator about the possibility to continue using the “Unread mails” tool in a paid mode or disable it.


Payment for the use of the “Unread mails” tool starts after the ending of the free mode for the lady’s profile. 

Funds are debited at the moment of the first activation of the “Unread mails” functionality on the current day or at the time of the extension launching on the current day, if the “Unread mails” functionality was activated before and remained active at the time of the launch of the extension. Funds are debited from the balance of your ChatOS personal account.


The tariff for using the  “Unread mails” tool is $ 0.01 /  1 profile / 1 day 

For any help, please contact the ChatOS technical support specialists via online chat on the website or Telegram messenger

Increase the amount of correspondence with the  “Unread mails” functionality!

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