Balancer from ChatOS

15.01.2018 14:14

As a rule one of the main problems in finding an interlocutor on international dating sites is a large number of sent invitations. They are often just the spam which an addressee does not see. We are pleased to introduce you a new technology which will make the extensions functioning more efficient. This is the balancer from ChatOS. Here is the solution that works for result which is invitations delivering. Balancer from ChatOS will analyze:
  • the site loading level;
  • the site traffic;
  • the process of getting invitations by men;
will adapt:
  • invitations sending and delivering taking into account the number and frequency of invitations received by each man;
will provide:
  • the own unique list of men for every lady every minute.
All it will allow:
  • to send invitations excluding invitations to the same man at the same time by different ladies which remain out of recipient’s sight in fact.
  • will provide the work of extension and sending invitations in the non-stop mode. Just start the sending once – and enjoy your time.
The ChatOS balancer will provides guaranteed*  invitation delivery to a man. Every minute, every moment of time ChatOS will determine the most suitable candidates for the lady and the extension will send invitations to them. We wish you an effective search and pleasant communication. Sincerely, the ChatOS team * The probability  of getting an invitation by a man is 94% (instead of the traditional 40%)  

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