Blocklist on and Prime.Date sites

17.07.2018 13:59

Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that we have created new instrument in extensions for chats on and Prime.Date sites. It’s “Blocklist” he tool will help agencies to get rid of problems of sending not valid messages, invitations, links and provide qualitative traffic in communication between women and men.

New instrument “Blocklist” will help you:

  1. to prevent situations which usually cause the penalties from partners, discrimination of ladies and agencies as a whole;
  2. to prevent yourself from actions of dishonest employees.
“Trust but check” is well known to everybody truth. Now you can be sure that the ChatOS system will check text on creating stage and will not allow to send not valid words, phrases and links

The only thing you need to do is to go to your Personal account in section “Ladies accounts” (choose “Blocklist”) enter words or whole phrases which are important, in your opinion to exclude from sending by your ladies in chats or letters. Click the button “Add phrase”. In appropriate field of opened form enter phrases, words, correspondence type (chats or letters) and site where will be banning to use them.

Also you can point out the register. That is phrase is completely verified, considering if the phrase is written by means of capital or small letters. If you uncheck register then it’s not important what letters lady used to write excluded phrase from blocklist. The phrase will not be send. After entering the data click the button “Save”.

In addition, you can use universal open ChatOS blocklist instead of creating your own. Just tick the appropriate box. Now If a lady who uses ChatOS extension wrote the phrase from blocklist in her message she will not be able sent the message to men. It will be blocked automatically and the lady see appropriate notice.

Also you can’t send message from text box if your message has a phrase from blocklist. In this case the button “Send Message” is inactive. And when clicking Enter appears notification about using a phrase from blocklist. Hope, the updates will be helpful for you! Enjoy your correspondence! Sincerely your ChatOS team!

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