08.06.2017 10:50

Bots promise effective services to dating agencies for sending letters and invitations. Qualitative search for fans and more complicated process which is called managing the accounts ChatOS will help you to arrange in effective and easy way. ChatOS will allow you to organize correctly the work from searching for an interlocutor to managing a large agency. Different dating sites have different requirements for working on them. СhatOS adapts the tools for a specific dating site and its rules. ChatOS is not a bot. ChatOS is a complex system with extensions for chat, letters and functionality for managing the personal cabinet of both a small and large agency with branches. 

Dating agency and programs. Efficiency and simplicity are the main requirements for searching fan program. ChatOS offers a set of tools that will become good helper for finding an interlocutor. Black list, fans, statistics, mailing history, preparation of the desktop … The tool for choosing a man according to the given criteria will make the search unique for each girl.

The easy-to-use functionality of СhatOS will facilitate your work in search of fans, analytics and agency management. Acquaintance with СhatOS – new opportunities and prospects for the work and development of the dating business.

Sincerely, the ChatOS team.

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