What to do if a man talks “not about the weather.” Hot topics – yes or no

12.03.2020 10:24

Of course, it’s great when everything is comfortable, BUT … Men are different, manners are different, humor is different, the method of transmitting information and understanding about good and bad things are also different.

How to react if a man is frankly straight and inclined to communicate only about sex in its various ways? How to answer? Communicate or no? There are many doubts about this topic for Ladies and their assistant employees of dating agencies how to stay and communicate on the site with strict rules.

Answers and Ladies reaction primarily depends on the goals on the site. Each person determines for himself the priorities in the search. Everyone sees love, relationships, communication in different ways. For someone, this is friendship and support of a good person, for another ones this is family, some people want to flirt, and even sex.

Everyone is looking for what he dreams. And the state of happiness and dreams is different for everyone.

What are Men on Sites

– Definitely, on dating sites (as in life) there will always be Men who think only about the intimate side of communication with women. And there is only your decision about “to be or not to be” for such style of communication.

– And there will always be men on dating sites who are annoyed by the excessive flirting from Ladies. Men are also looking for serious communication.

The main truth is everyone finds his own audience. You just need to be able to find it.

Let’s consider hints on sex topics, and how it “works”. What to do and what is important to consider when doing this:

1. The way of presentation of a Lady is already half the understanding for Men. This is about what “signal” the Lady sends. A Lady’s profile with a photo and description on the site is like pheromones in real life for Men. There is a non-verbal understanding of the offer. Therefore, determine for yourself the image for your profile. A lady in black leather clothes or wearing a nurse’s suit or with a huge number of private photos in profile in various interpretations … will receive appropriate attention.

2. Invite your Men to communicate with your topics. If you want to know a Man in terms of serious intentions or topics which are important to you, ask him about it. Your Men will answer, and Men with less serious goals will pass by. And everyone is happy.

3. Do not put a block about the site that “there are only about sexual dates”. No, there is the secret for you: “not hot” profile can be very popular and successful when such a Lady finds her fans. Because “not about sex topic” chats last longer and more than one time. You can talk about life endlessly, but about sex … not sure.

4. If the hot topic is not a problem for you at all, then ok. But remember that you are on a dating site where there are communication rules. Keep them.

5. Find harmony. It is good for ladies and their assistants to make their staying on the site pleasant and interesting. And if your search and communication give you discomfort, or it’s against your life vision, then it will not be for a long time and will not bring results. Just wasting time.

How to tell a Man that the Lady is “not like that”

If, nevertheless, the Lady’s message becomes an exception to the rule, and in response to your invitation (letter) about how beautiful Niagara Falls is, you got the answer that the Man wants to talk only about sex… well…

First, decide for yourself if it interests you. And, if you see the prospect of continued communication, then have pleasant communication (of course, don’t forget the site’s rules).

And if you don’t want to support the Man, but you think that not to answer is “impolite”, then in your reply ask why he has such priorities. Indeed, in life the pleasures that someone needs, understands, loves, appreciates you are longer, then just sexual.

Perhaps this Man was waiting for such an answer and checked the seriousness of your intentions. Who knows…

Look for your fans and talk about pleasant things for you!

If it’s yours, then take it. If it’s not yours, then pass by!

Start putting these tips into practice. 

Just pay attention that the manual search of the interlocutor is not prospective on international dating sites.

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And you just accept the chats and enjoy the male attention.

Have a nice chat and successful search💚

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