What is ChatOS PRO mode? or What are PRO agencies?

23.06.2020 15:21

PRO is an advanced level of working on a dating site.

PRO agencies can be large or small. 

The point here is the approach to work and the desire to earn more than Standard

PRO mode is complex work in the ‘all inclusive’ format – 2in1 chats + mails

What Pro includes what is excluded from Standard

PRO agencies get a cheaper tariff, but at the same time they get additional features which are not in the basic version of ChatOS extensions


1. PRO mode is available for work on the Anastasia Svadba.com, Dream-Singles.com, Find-Bride.com, Dating.com.

2. Savings for PRO mode – 17%-50% if compare with “Standard” mode.

3. PRO is an all-inclusive use (“chats+mails”)

4. PRO has integrated approach and algorithms in working with profiles.

For example, if you work in Pro mode, your lady gets 3 times more men in a minute.    

5. PRO has a built-in help system for translators to increase balances.

6. PRO agencies get cheaper tariffs for additional tools.

Well, the rest of the things we discuss individually.

How to activate PRO

In your ChatOS personal account turn on the toggle switch

By activating the toggle switch in your personal account, the ‘PRO’ mode will apply to all sites available for the ‘PRO’ mode and used by your personal account.

If you need to use ‘PRO’ mode only on a specific selected site, just write to ChatOS technical support. We will disable ‘PRO’ for irrelevant sites. And you will work in ‘PRO’ mode on selected sites, but in ‘Standard’ mode on the rest.

Big PROfit to you!

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