07.04.2017 13:26

A universal tool

The global blacklist is the only universal tool for all extensions of ChatOS. With a help of this tool you can exclude a man from communication and you can leave a note to remember why you excluded him. But it does not answer a question why it is global.

Your blacklist can be formed by the entire agency. Every lady can add a man to a personal blacklist or to a global one. If a man is added to the global blacklist, all ladies within the agency will be automatically informed about him, and to manage this process, administrators can use a tool in the personal account with a help of certain tool can add, delete or edit information about a man. Thus, you are secured more we hope that it won’t become needed, but still…


To start working over a blacklist, click on a “Blacklist” inside the extension.
To add a man to black list:
  1. Set its ld;
  2. Set a reason of adding a man to a black list;
  3. Set a type of black list:
    1. Personal – your personal blacklist what is visible only for you
    2. Global – a man will be added to all ladies inside your agency;
  4. click on a green button “+”;
  5. When all settings will be applied, confirm this action by clicking on “Save”.
Any time you can delete a man from a blacklist or change notes about him. If a man was added to you via a global block list you can delete him and he will never add to you. Easy, isn’t it? Have a nice chat! Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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