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There are girls in society who dream of falling in love and marry a foreigner. However work and household routines take time and efforts, which reduce the chances and opportunities for finding a soulmate. Addressing to a dating agency, the girls trust them to search for candidates, spending a minimum of time on this.

But for the agency it is a difficult and time-consuming process. Among thousands of interested men that offers the market of international acquaintances, it is important to select candidates with the necessary characteristics.

For translators these are long hours of work at the computer just to start communicating with potential fans. And at these moments the bot for sending spam helps to send as many messages to the chat as possible to find men interested in communication on the dating site. Spam bot for chat sends in several times more messages than manually. The program makes sending operations faster than a person does. Also, spam bot saves time of translators and allows them to focus on the selection of candidates for continuing communication.

Nowadays there are various programs for sending spam on dating sites at the dating agencies market. Despite the amount of spam bots at the market we offer you a comprehensive solution which will help in translator’s work and simplify the work of administrators.

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