06.04.2017 12:11

What mails did you send? To whom? When? Were they replied? It appears it be unknown….. The solution is simple – a history of sending.

It is simple in usage and it provides answers on all questions and it is all needs one click on the button “History”. You will see in the table:
  1. A short text what you sent;
  2. How many men read it;
  3. How many men responded to this mail to you
  4. When you sent a letter for the last time.
If you are interested in whom you sent a mail or you want to send it again just click on the button  in the very right column opposite a mail you are interested in and you can see a full text of letter and resend it if needed.

1 click – no secrets or 2 clicks – let’s try it one more time.

Thus, only one click and you will know all information about history of sent mails, if click twice – a mail will be resend. Convenient? We are sure that yes. Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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