December results

28.12.2018 14:00

Dear Friends! The last month of the year 2018 comes to the end. This is the time to report on the work done and celebrate.


So, the ChatOS team would like to share new updates with you!


The opportunity to activate / deactivate the Block list for messages, which are sent manually as an invitation or as a message within the chat. You can set up it in your Personal account.

We added translator to extension for chat for the Jump4love site. Also a function of adding a man to the fans was fixed.

Statistics about the amount of replies to sent letters has been adjusted in the extension for letters for the Romancecompass site.

The extension for mails on the Romancecompass site. We added the age limit for men to the {age} variable. Now mails will be sent only to 18-90 years old men. Also it was corrected the work of all other variables which can be added to a mail. So, a man will be excluded from sending If you use specific variable in your mail, but the man does not have information about it in his profile.

In all extensions of the ChatOS system, spelling of male names has been improved. The first letter of the name is a capital letter, the next letters are small.

Saving the specified criteria for sending in the extensions for site was added. If you open the extension during sending process, the settings of the current sending are restored and not changed.

For Prime.Date it was added the function of quick mail sending to a specific man manually. After launching the extension for chats or mails, just open the chat with the desired man and you will see the new SEND MAIL button on the top of your screen next to his photo.

An administrator can see financial achievements for his (her) profiles on It’s easy to see in the administrator personal account: Finance> Financial Achievements> – Graphs> View of Graph (Account Analysis)

The ability to change languages ​​is added to all ChatOS extensions: Russian-English. Click on the appropriate flag, symbolizing the language you need, confirm the action and reopen the extension again.

Extension for chat on Prime.Date has ability to send lady’s audio as an invitation to the chat. When you choose an audio, you have an opportunity to listen to the file directly in the extension.

There is an auto reply has been added in the extension for chat on Prime.Date, if a man likes, winks and comments. The system will send him a phrase prepared in advance from the extension in case if a man has sent one of those signs, and during the last 7 days he did not get messages from the lady. Moreover, the system will not send the same phrase twice to the same man. So,update phrases and be interesting.

Two new parameters have been added to “Send to” in the extension for chat on Prime.Date
There are “Bookmarked” and “Talked in chat”

Now you can invite men to chat with whom you communicate regularly or sometimes. Just select the category of recipients, set the time you did not communicate (set the desired number of days), create a special invitation and remind about yourself.

Statistics has been added in extension for chat on Prime.Date site. So, you can see information about your chats. There you can find out from what man and when you have received the last his message.
Searching filters for period or man ID will help you to get the information you need fast and easily.

Dear friends! We hope these updates will delight you and help you to achieve the desired results!

So now we invite you to the year 2019!


Happy Holidays!

Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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