november results

03.12.2018 13:00

Dear friends! Today we are summing up the results of November.


For PrimeDate site:


  • Updated interface of extensions for chats and mails

  • Added new categories for sending invitations to chat:”White list”, “Search new men” and “Sent letters”. Let’s go over them:

    • White List is a good potential to get new, prospective fans.
      The system automatically adds to the White list those men who had chats with ladies or who sent letters to ladies from your agency.

      And in your Personal Account you can view, edit the white list and add men.
      It is also possible to turn off the White list for the entire agency.

      And there is a possibility to turn off the White list for a specific employee (for CRM users)

    • Sent letters. This means that by choosing this criterion, invitations to the chat will be sent to those men who got a letter from this ladies letters. But the letter had to be sent via ChatOS extension for letters

    • Search for new. Invitations to the chat will be sent to those men with whom the lady has never had chats or correspondence by letters.

  • Two new criteria have been added to the extensions for chats in the “Sending type” section:

    • Invitation Series. This is possibility to select multiple logical messages, set the interval for sending each subsequent message and send a block of messages.

    • Photo or video. This is an opportunity to send a photo or video as an invitation to chat.


For site:


  • Updated interface of extensions for chats and mails. It has become more modern, more user-friendly, more beautiful. Now the extension works so that you will not lose your history or statistics data, even if you clear the cache and cookies on your computer.

  • Correspondence history. Now you can see the history of your chats on the site By clicking on a man,You will see a chat window where you can view the chat contents along with the date and time of each message sending.

  • Also added a new criterion for sending invitations – White list. It is described above.

  • And now you can see the chat duration counter in the “Inbox” window. Communicate and monitor the chat duration with a specific man in real time.


We hope you enjoy our special features. Start to implement!
If you have additional questions, your personal managers and ChatOS technical support specialists are always in touch.
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Have a good mood and productive day!

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