Results of September

01.10.2018 14:00

Dear Friends!

September is over! The month was productive and we want to share with you our updates:


  • The opportunity to send letters to online users and fans was added in extensions for letters on Prime.Date site .
  • The indicator in the history of sent letters which shows how many times a letter was read by men have been added on Prime.Date site.
  • We added synchronization of Prime.Date administrative panel:
  •  – finance synchronization
     – import of ladies list
     – import of the user list (translators) and automatically attaching the new employees to ladies

     – employees financial achievements for Prime.Date website

  • Possibility to create formulas in the Personal account for calculating payments for employees on Prime.Date site. There are simple formulas and extended ones
  •  The ability to specify a formula for payments in the employee card is set up
  • Analytic updates by letters for Prime.Date:
  •  – interactive schedule:
     – the ability to select the date or period of clicks on the schedule for which you want to see the report
     – possibility to export the schedule and save it in jpg, png, bmp, gif
    – redesigned list of TOP-letters:
     – added the indicator of the attached media to the letter
     – ability to view attached to a letter photos if you click on it
     – report of TOP letters for the selected lady

  • Finance Achievements on – filter by payments category
  • Development of clients assistant Chatosik by name, it will be presented in October. You’ll like it))
  • The first translators group have passed an innovative training course created specifically for dating agencies

Start implementing it. This is very useful things!
And now we are going to October! It is the month, when we will meet you personally at the international conference “The Future of the International Dating Market” 2018
Look forward to meeting you!!!
Sincerely, the ChatOS team!

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