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In this article we will retell about a financial report that will enable to collect all data about girls.

The general statistics

Having opened a financial account, you will be the first to see a general statistics:
  1. A total number of accounts: A total number of accounts registered at a specified period of time.
  2. A balance: your current balance in the USA dollars.
  3. A sum of expenses: a total sum of funds spent by accounts for extension usage during a specified time.
  4. A sum of credited amount: a total charged to an account sum for a specified time period.
  5. Free of charge accounts: a total number of working accounts in a free of charge mode for a specified time period.
  6. Paid accounts: a total number of accounts in paid mode for a specified time period.
With a help of statistics, you can quickly see the number of accounts that use the extension, the number of paid and free of charge ones, the spent sum for support of extension and your financial indicators.


You can use a filter for a search or selection of necessary information. At this stage you can search due to:
  1. A site: only data of specified site will be shown. If you have to work with several sites this criteria can be indispensable while collecting divided information.
  2. An account’s name or ID: if you are interested in information about a certain girl, you can use this tool. Type names or ID you specified while adding an account and you will see information only of a specified account.
  3. From a date – Till date:certain periods of time. Of course, you will need necessary reports of a certain period of time, for example, for the previous or a current month.With a help of this criteria for a search you can specify a date or time of beginning and date with time of end of period you want to review a report.
With a help of these simple, but flexible tools, you can manage a selection of data and track a real situation of proceedings.

The total information

While opening a financial account you will see total information – an account in the way of account’s activities where you can see:
  1. An account’s time spent online and when
  2. Account’s activity of a specified period of time
  3. On what site and what extension were used
  4. Due to what tariff money were deducted from an account
  5. If a synchronization of financial data is turned on – a turnover, a total sum of means charged to an agency for activity of this account during a specified day.
You can review an account in various ways thanks to a setting “Grouping”:

You can specify one of the following types of grouping:
  1. . About an account – an account, in each line of what the total report will be shown about each account:
    1. On what site an account is registered
    2. The type of extension
    3. What is a total sum paid for system usage
    4. How many active days were for a specified period of time?
    5. A turnover – a total sum that was added to an agency’s account for activity of a certain account in a specified time period.
  2. About a site – a summary of activity of your accounts and the agency about each site for what you use the extension
  3. About a type of extension – a summary of your accounts activity about each separate area: chats and letters
  4. About a date – a total summary of each day about an activity of your agency or accounts:
    1. How many active accounts were for each separate day
    2. On what sites the activity was
    3. How many types of activity were used
    4.  A total turnover about the ChatOs
    5. A total turnover about an agency per each day
Thus, you can use filters for a search and a grouping to estimate an activity of a company and a separate account from different ways:
  1. Sums for a period
  2. 2 a detailed review of activity and results
  3. About an agency or account
The simple is usage and at the same time flexible tool that will show what is on today, were yesterday or for a month. Is that convenient? Have a good work

Sincerely, the team ChatOS Bot!

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