How ChatOS interacts with Users or How to know everything

29.03.2019 11:00

Dear Friends!

Dear Users, to your attention there are the ways of interaction with you in this article.

Please read, follow the information and you will always be informed about updates or important events from the ChatOS system.


How ChatOS “knocks” to you


⠀⠀❶ ⠀⠀Mails. About all important changes in the use of the system and ChatOS the owner of the Personal Account will receive an information by E-mail specified when creating a Personal Account in the ChatOS system.

Therefore, to obtain information it is important:

⠀⠀➪⠀⠀check whether the mailbox specified during registration is relevant and whether you have access to it

⠀⠀➪⠀⠀check not only the “Inbox”, but also the “Spam” folder. If you saw a letter from ChatOS in the “Spam” folder, open the letter and change the status of this letter to “Not Spam”. After this letters from ChatOS should come to you in the “Inbox” folder

Also check the folder “Promotions” and other ones like that.

If your mail has been changed, or you have unsubscribed before from the mailing, but you want to receive important information now – it’s great. Just notify your new current mail and login of your Personal Account to ChatOS manager (phone +38 (095) 108-47-69 Telegram, Viber)


⠀⠀❷ ⠀⠀Telegram channel ChatOS news. All information about updates of extensions and the system, answers to your questions, recommendations on the effective tools using, important urgent news are published in the Telegram channel ChatOS news

ChatOS news – useful not only as an informant for directors, managers and administrators, but super necessary for translators. There is ALL issues about work. Quickly, clearly, step by step and on time.

ChatOS news is a teacher for Translator how to use extensions effectively.

If you are not in the ChatOS news channel yet or you do not have a Telegram messenger, here are a few steps to сonnect it easily:


⠀⠀❸⠀⠀ChatOS groups in social networks. Subscribe and follow us:




These are the 3 most basic ways to get important and useful information for ChatOS Users.

Our experience and observations show, that messengers and groups in social networks are the most convenient, popular and working ways to get information for our Users.

In this regard, website now and in the future will only provide general information about the product, and you will receive ALL news and full information about the ChatOS system in the Telegram channel ChatOS news.

Now let’s remind how the User communicates with ChatOS:


⠀⠀①⠀⠀Text technical support specialists and ask questions about the system by:

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀➪⠀⠀Telegram @chatos_chatos


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀➪⠀⠀Live chat on

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀➪⠀⠀Live chat right on the chat page on and Prime.Date

Work schedule of technical support specialists: Mon-Sat 9.00 am-12.00pm Sun 9.00am -6.00 pm (Kyiv time)


⠀⠀②⠀⠀Call us by phone. The numbers are displayed on the site +38 (093) 069-53-91, +38 (097) 933-85-09


⠀⠀③⠀⠀Calls to your personal managers (each user who specified the phone number when creating a Personal Account, after registration receives feedback-greeting from Personal manager and subsequently communicates with him directly, if you have questions, Mon-Fri 9.00 am-6.00 pm)


⠀⠀④⠀⠀Direct messaging in groups in social networks on E-mail:


Keep new contacts for you and share with your colleagues.

Keep in touch. Text us, call us.Let’s communicate more often!

Follow ChatOS mails and posts.


Productive work to you, Dear Friends!

Any questions?

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