07.06.2017 15:05

As a rule the search for the interlocutor is messages which are sent by the bot. The bot that sends messages finds a fan and nothing more. ChatOS offers a sophisticated system that will allow you to organize work at all levels of operation. A bot for sending messages to the chat and letters is only part of the powerful ChatOS functionality. A bot for messages (which includes extensions for chat rooms and mails), a personal account with lots of useful features, a referral system – all this is ChatOS.

 The activity of dating agencies is not only based on using the bot to send messages, but rationally on organizing the work of the entire agency. With the help of the personal account of ChatOS, you can control the activity of accounts, manage your finances, distribute access to your personal account in accordance with the wishes of managers. Extensions for sending invitations to chat and letters offer a large selection of tools to make searching and communication especially effective and convenient.

ChatOS consists of many competitive advantages that are easy to evaluate by testing ChatOS for free within 3 days. Girls, translators, administrators and managers will be convinced in the uniqueness and efficiency of our product.

Sincerely, the ChatOS team.

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