About the way happy couples are created

22.10.2018 12:00

Elena, but have there been cases when you had to act as a matchmaker? This happens quite often, because I personally talk with ladies as well as men and I already can feel, who are appropriate to each other on temperament, vital priorities and values. There was a case when a man wanted to date a girl, and I told him : «I think she’s not the person you’re looking for.», and showed him the profile of another lady. Although the man immediately noted: «That this is not his type of woman». But, I suggested that he to go on one date with her, and then draw conclusions. And you know what the result was? A week later, he asked her hand!)))) Definitely you have secrets, how to build trust with each candidate to pick up a “soulmate” for him mistakelessly, don’t you? ОThere is no special magic: I love my job, I love people and sincerely wish them to get happiness. I also try to take into account their needs. As a doctor I take it easier. I take every lady or man as a “patient” who needs help. I carefully listen to them, form a “medical history” and put the “correct diagnosis” in order to solve the “patient’s” problem as best as possible))). Often, the ladies who are not yet ready to marry come to us. Or wether with a disastrously low self-esteem, because they abandoned her, hurt her or left one with her child. In this case, I encounter hating for all men and for peace. Together we work on problems changing internal settings. Otherwise she will not be able to build a harmonious relationship with men, Because men intuitively feel a negative setting. But if I see that I can not help a lady by myself without the help of psychologist or psychoanalyst then I immediately speak about this. Several visitings to a professional affect positively and the lady come back with words: «And where were you before?». I think it’s important to understand and feel where is the source of the lady’s problems and help her to deal with them. Do you remember your first couple? Yes I remember. The couple’s relationship were very interesting: lady Elena came to the agency, and the first thing she said: «Lena, I need to get married urgently!». To be honest, I do not like the word “urgently”. Usually, it ends badly, but everything was fine)) At that time we still did not have neither a professional photographer, nor a make-up artist and we took a photo session on our own: I made make up for Elena, I did her hair and took several photos in the office, which we put on the website NatashaClub. Just in six months an Austrian came to to her. We met him in Borispol, and I noticed some chemistry between them. They spent a week together, and then the man began to make a fiance visa for Elena. Recently I saw their pictures on Facebook they are still together. However all the story had a bump. Elena did not even say thanks. For some reason she decided that the agency had earned millions on it. 🙂 But in fact, the man did not even pay the contract payment. The most important is that we received valuable experience, which helped the agency to review and improve working terms with foreign men. And did not you help your friends or relatives to find their “soul mate”? My own sister is married to Norwegian, and I consider them one of the happiest couples I know. They met eight years ago thanks to our agency. When they met, my sister was very doubtful. The man did not make a strong impression on her during the first meeting. Since we talked to him while traveling from the airport, I managed to get to know him better. So my advice was simple: «Take your time, get to know him better, he is a man with a huge heart and soul». At the same time, I did not want to pressure her or impose my point of view on her. And the most important, I needed to make sure that in an unfamiliar country she would have a real friend, husband, lover, who always be her support I persuaded her to come on a second date. She knew the man better, his attitude to the family and children. The raising feelings between them did not take long to wait. After that it didn’t take a lot of time my sister to say, “Yes, and went to Norway.” Most recently I became an aunt of two charming girls, and now I have another reason to visit my sister’s and her husband’s happy family.  

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