Why do many women who dream to find a man do not trust marriage agencies and international dating sites?

12.09.2018 12:00

Often you can hear negative feedback and a notes of distrust from women about searching on international dating sites.


Feedbacks reported about experience of disappointed ladies in searching. For example: that is inefficient, you sit and wait and wait… you initiate and initiate communication… and you get silence in response… Men do not respond to letters and invitations … Thus, finding someone there is not really even for super beauties, not to mention an ordinary woman. In general this is a waste of time and hope. To meet a man on an international dating site is a poorly achievable business.

And why are there such reviews?

Because this is true! And the reality is that to attract attention of an interesting man is not an easy thing on an international dating site.

Thousands of ladies do send out billions of invitations, which a man can’t notice. In its turn the international dating site, can’t affect this way of things. And as a result men are spammed, ladies do not receive feedback, dating agencies and a dating sites receive distrust and not the best reviews in their address.

So we have a solution to convert the women’s feedback “it’s unreal” to “absolutely real”. The solution is the ChatOS ,functionality, which helps in searching and provides the desired result of the search, because there is a unique balancer technology created specially to prevent spam.

ChatOS technology balancer:

  • will set up a smart searching based on the selected criteria. A lady will look for the man she wants. Her searching is according to her priorities, she doesn’t send thousands of invitations to everyone man online.
  • The balancer will select a unique list of men for every lady to send a message or letter
  • Solve the problem of spam on the site. So the man will receive desired messages and in reasonable quantities, having the opportunity to pay attention to each of them and communicate on the site comfortable.

And in fact, if two key components of searching like a man and woman are satisfied then the trust comes to dating sites and dating agencies.

After all, happy people always leave positive feedbacks. And this is what allows you to develop, prosper and become stronger on the market.

The ChatOS company is sure that trust is born in quality. We are convinced that it’s important to win spam. Our solution balancer is a real proof of this.

Start putting these tips into practice. 

Just pay attention that the manual search of the interlocutor is not prospective on international dating sites.

If you really want to have a lot of interlocutors and fans, so that your profile is noticed by men among thousands of other ladies from the site gallery, you definitely need ChatOS software.

Download extensions for chats [click] and for mails [click] for the dating site, and the automatic system will find you many men for active unforgettable communication and emotions.

And you just accept the chats and enjoy the male attention.

Let’s clean the international dating market from spam!

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