Adjustment of financial remuneration

03.05.2017 13:30

An automatic financial data analytics from a site

We offer a new tool to work with your financial data from a site
The main goals of tool:
  1. Toshow an objective turnover report;
  2. Calculation of money fees of girls;
  3. Calculation of agency profits;
  4. Formation of Statistics about girls on grounds of financial data.
Having analyses the drawbacks of embedded tool into, the functional has been formed for work with financial data.

Activation of financial politics

In order to enable automatic financial data analysis from, you need to provide authorization information for the site After this, the system will be ready for the automatic collection and analysis of financial data.

A calculation of money reward for your girls

You will see a total list of your accounts on the page of calculation of money rewords settings. You can turn off a display of money reward in the account’s extension. But in this case, your girl will not see her money reward or turn on a display, thus a girl within an extension will see money reward for a current month or a day:

In case when a display of money reward in the extension is turned off, an icon left from an account’s name will be highlighted in red, if it is turn on than an icon will be in green.
To go to a calculation adjustment, click on a name of account you are interested in. after it, you will see a list of all categories of money reward what exist in the project

Each money reward category can be calculated due to three principals:
  1. A percentage equivalent. If you girls receive money reward in monetary equivalent, thus, you can specify a percentage what will be given to a girl.
  2. A fixed sum. If for any article of money reward you transfer to a girl a fixed sum, you can specify it in USD. A fixed sum is credited for every transaction for a fixed one on a site.
  3. Mixed. You can specify simultaneously a percentage from a sum of money reward and a fixed time. In this case, a girl will receive a percentage from a transaction’s sum and a fixed sum.
If any category of money reward has not to be included to the calculation of money reward of a girl, you can turn it off.

To make changes become operational, click on the button “Save” next to an account, parameters of what were changed. After saving, you will see a verification line of money reward calculation for accounts. The verification will show a total monthly turnover of means about a certain account and money reward of a certain account.

We understand that in most cases the method of money reward calculation for all girls is the same. To avoid repetition of the same operation, you can copy settings of one account for others. To do it, click on a button “Copy over an adjustment” in the line of that account from what you want to take them.

Up on the page, you will see a menu of selection of goals for copying. It is a drop-down list in what you can specify those accounts over what you want to copy settings. To choose an account, just click on it in the drop-down list after it, right you will see a tick – it means that settings will be copied over this account. After specification of required accounts, click on a button “Copy”, right from a drop-down list. After that, a panel of copy will be hidden and data will be copied over other accounts. To save adjustments for all accounts, it is especially urgent after copying, use a button “Save all settings” what is located in the up-right part of page.
Have a good work! Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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