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Unread mails (control of new incoming mails) is an additional tool, which allows you to monitor new incoming mail and increase the quality and quantity of correspondence due to timely feedback at the moment when the interlocutor is waiting for reply and wants to communicate.

As soon as the profile receives a new letter, you will know about this, quickly open it and reply to the man at the moment when he is in touch, in thoughts of his lady, ready to read the incoming letter and answer.

Success is in the moment. By sending a reply to a new incoming mail within 15 minutes from the moment of receipt, you greatly increase your chances of reading mails by men, watching your media and long correspondence.

And the system will also remind you about letters that are waiting for your attention, so as not to miss the interested interlocutor.


“Unread mails” functionality is activated in one click for all your profiles from the “Profiles” section of the extension.

There is a system of notifications: sound, push notifications and displaying the number of unanswered mails in the “Incoming messages” section on the site page. The system monitors incoming mails while you are online.

Also, ChaOS displays all unread mails for a profile. 

for all profiles from your “Ladies” section in the Multi-account extension and show unanswered mails 

• on the chat page in the Incoming messages block

• browser pop-up notification with the avatar of the lady

• “Incoming mail” sound notification 

Click on any of the notifications and a new incoming mail will be open for you with the ability to write a response:

 – in a separate tab (if you do not use MiniChat and MiniMail)

or with convenient MiniMail window right on your working page with the ability to read / create a mail quickly using a smart editor 

(this option is available with the active setting “Use MiniChat / MiniMail”)

Create a letter text and send it to the man.


“Unread mails” functionality works for all your profiles. It is activated by one click for all your profiles from the “Profiles” section of the extension.

Check the box on the chat page next to “Unread mails”

After turning on the checkbox, the functionality is considered active for all your profiles. It will remain active until the user deactivates it by unchecking the checkbox.

If you do not need to use the feature, disable the check mark before stopping work. So, on the next day of using the extension, the ChatOS system will consider the “Unanswered mails” function inactive profiles


“Unread mails” is an additional functionality to the Multi-account extension. Its use is at the request of the user.

Details and tariff can be found here

If you have any difficulties or questions, do not hesitate to ask the technical support service. We will be happy to help

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