27.07.2020 14:13

Dear friends! We are glad to share with you great news.

For August 2020 anti-crisis tariffs are available for 

You can earn more and spend less.

And here are the tariffs

Anti-crisis ‘Standard’   

Chats- $0.119 /1 day of using

Mails – $0.119 /1 day of using

The tariff is charged separately for each extension and set by default.

Anti-crisis ‘Pro’

Chat ($0.0995) +Mails($0.0995) = $0.199 (save 33%) /1 day of using

The general tariff for two extensions, if using chats+mails 

You can activate the ‘Pro’ tariff by yourself in your ChatOS Personal Account

Anti-crisis ‘SuperPro’  

Chat ($0.0745)+Mails ($0.0745) = $0.149 (save 50%) /1 day of using

The general tariff for two extensions, if using chats+mails for mass number of ladies

Details and activation of the tariff are discussed individually. Message @chatos_chatos

How to activate a tariff you like

To activate anti-crisis tariffs for August 2020, until Jule 31 replenish balance of your ChatOS personal account in the amount of UAH 1999 (it’s about $73) and choose the best tariff option for yourself:

  • ‘Standard’ tariff
    is applied by default for extensions. You can work individually with both of extension or choosing only one. The corresponding price is debited from the balance of your ChatOS Personal Account on the day the extension is used by a specific lady.
  • ‘Pro’ tariff
    – is ideal one for you If you are interested in saving, but at the same time increase the men coverage and attention to ladies’ profiles. Using chats and mails in complex, you pay less, stimulate translators to work more efficient, and provide profiles with more attention on the site, get more chats and letters. You can activate the ‘Pro’ tariff by yourself in your Personal Account by switching the toggle into ‘Pro’ position

    At any time, you can change the settings and return to the ‘Standard’ package, if necessary, or enable ‘Pro’ again
  • ‘SuperPro’
    tariff is activated individually for the agency by technical support staff. The most profitable tariff can be activated on the condition that the extensions are used in a complex way (both for chats and mails) with a large number of ladies in a big agency. If you are a large-scale agency, message ChatOS specialists, discuss your potential activity and connect the most comfortable rates. Contact Telegram @chatos_chatos or Skype

Productive work to you!

P.S If you do not need the special tariffs,your personal account will stay on regular tariffing 

Regular ‘Standard’ Package Rates Chats – $ 0.15 /1 day of using Mails – $ 0.15 /1 day of using 
‘Pro’ regular package rates Chats ($0.175) + Mails ($0.175) – $ 0.25 / 1 day of using both of extensions for one lady

Any questions?

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