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05.02.2019 12:00

Elena Kovalevskaya, international dating agency «Happy Family» , founder


Your agency is the meetings organizer for ladies and men. Tell me more about how these events are going on.


Together with our partner company A Foreign Affair we hold private parties in the format of a nightclub with a buffet table, DJ, contests and a disco. We invite ladies registered in our agency and A Foreign Affair bring from 25 to 60 men from different parts of the world. Men attend meetings with a personal interpreter.So there is no communication problem.

Mostly, dating evenings take place in the spring and summer, but in winter foreigners are not eager to go to Kiev and Kharkiv, because they do not like cold climate.

For Ukrainian ladies, such events are a chance to meet interesting men and to meet the “second other half”. Participation in the meeting is free, and at the same time ladies can count on the support of Happy Family employees. If you are worried, shy, feel uncomfortable, then we will cheer up and always find an opportunity to introduce you to the man that you liked.


And what are results of such parties?


After such meetings, there appears from 10 to 20 couples. And since men are intended to visit two or three cities, sometimes there happens interesting stories.For example, a man visited a party in Kiev, where he met a beautiful lady. Then he came to Kharkiv, to meet Kharkiv ladies, but after a couple of days he realizes that he much more likes the lady from Kiev and that his feeling is mutual. He goes back to the capital, and he is entirely engaged in these sincere relations.


Can we say that dating at such parties becomes the beginning of relationship and finishes with marriage?


If there are 30-35 men at a party, then it happens 10-15 couples, if 50-60, then 30. But at the same time if a man is interested in lady we advise ladies not to rush into that by “losing head”. Anyway, there is time to look at the chosen one, to assess whether your goals and life priorities are common to both.

You should never refuse to visit a man, live together, “get used to him”.And, by the way, couples which did not hurry get trusting relations and a strong family afterwards. Afterwards, many men recommend us to their friends, because they also want to marry a Ukrainian lady.


Who are more actively meet at a meeting: men or women?


At parties both men and women supposed to be open to communication and acquaintance with each other. But, unfortunately, this does not always happen. For example, men, getting surrounded by very beautiful ladies, begin to get embarrassed and nervous. They do not believe that ladies can be interested in them. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable to start conversation with a lady. In such cases, they ask me: «Could you introduce me to this lady?».

From my part, I also try to encourage ladies to come saying «Welcome to Ukraine. What’s up? Do you like the music?». It’s not a big deal and European or American will not take it like being too much proactive. These canons is so far in the past.


There are not only 20-25 years old ladies at the party, but also more mature women. Do they feel comfortable at such events? And what are their chances to meet a decent man?


When we invite ladies to parties, we immediately say that there will be men between the ages of 40 and 70. Therefore, I always say to women that age is not important, but how you present yourself is a dress style, make-up, hairstyle, ability to talk.

If a woman does not know how to properly put makeup and this is revealed before the meeting, then we offer to take our courses ” make-up artist by yourself”.It’s only two or three classes, taking it she learns all the secrets of impeccable make-up.

Also we advise ladies to read books to fill themselves spiritually, because men are attracted by an energetically filled woman with a sparkle in her eyes, able to maintain a conversation on any topic, open and bright. During the evening meetings, many ladies note that foreign men, actually, look much younger than their age. o, there is a conclude that ladies from 25-50 years old very likely will meet their soulmate.


What was the most memorable meeting for you?


This was one of the last meetings, when we arranged a parachute jump for a couple on their first date. The lady has long dreamed of this, but the man was a little afraid of it, but in the end he took a risk. These guys are still keep in touch.


Is there a certain dress code for dating evenings?


When we invite a lady to a party, we tell her that the lady should be in a beautiful dress with a hairdo and neat make-up at the party. If ladies flout the rule, then we must deny these ladies to visit the evening .


Do ladies wait for meeting evenings and do they like to attend these evenings?


They wait for it very much, but a little embarrassed to talk about that. When there is a post about the event on Facebook or Instagram, then they warn: “Lena, I am not react on the post, but I’ll attend the meeting.”

Also we phone each client in person to inform the place and time of the meeting. This happens one month before the party, then we phone in two weeks and then three days before the event. And we do not mind that they took their unmarried girlfriends to a party, even if they did not have time to register. We create an interesting show program, so that ladies and men can relax a little and get pleasant emotions during the evening.


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