About relationship difficulties between women and men

26.11.2018 12:00

Elena Kovalevskaya, international dating agency Happy Family, founder


Do ladies have objections. Let’s say, about age, social status, a man profession?


Sometimes ladies are convinced that they need a peer or a man older her not more then five years. This approach is not correct when acquaintance with foreign men

Firstly, men of 25-35 years old can easily find a lady in their own country. Secondly, at this age many still get mastery or Ph.D. degree.And it is important to take into account that they think like students. Important things for them is preparing scientific papers, repaying a loan for education, but not creating a family.

It is also worth considering the approach of foreign men to their appearance and health. They pay special attention to these aspects, and look very good being 50-60 years old, both physically and apparently.

We always tell ladies about that, and we advise to expand the search boundaries, or draw conclusions after the meeting with the man.

Most often, men who are 53 years old, look younger then 42 years old. At the same time they have their own clinic or business, a good stable income, a serious approach to the family creation and most importantly, they are ready to be responsible for something. Such a man can give a wonderful education to a child and a high living standard for the whole family.


And what about the objections that appear after a man meeting ?


After the first date we necessarily communicate separately with the lady, and separately with the man to find out their impressions. And I’ve noticed more than once that objections arise because someone in a couple has misinterpreted an expression or phrase. This is due to the difference in mentality.

I try to round off rough corners, because the initial relationship stage is still very fragile, and any careless word can destroy them. Our interpreters also help a man and a woman to perceive their conversation in right way.I beg the interpreter always specifies what the lady or man meant when they told a story


Elena, tell me, what mistakes do ladies most commonly make during a date?


Most ladies think that you just need to trim yourself up before the photo shoot, but not before a date. Often they come to a meeting without paying enough attention to their outfit: without make-up, in clothes, which were on them all day, and at the same time they say that they did not have time to care about themselves. I am convinced that to make makeup for a couple of minutes is possible for each lady and you need to use these skills, because you have competitors, and you have to look much better than them!


There were cases when a man was disappointed in the lady’s appearance, when “expectation” and “reality” did not coincide at all?


We try to avoid such situations, therefore we constantly get feedback from ladies, and ask them to share photos from their everyday life. These pictures we show the man to show the lady in ordinary life, and he had no illusions at the very beginning of communication.


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