About lady’s chances to find a husband with the help of the marriage agency

17.09.2018 11:00

Elena Kovalevskaya, international dating agency, «Happy Family» founder  About lady’s chances to find a husband with the help of the marriage agency The interest of Ukrainians to men from Europe, Asia, and America is growing exponentially. But the problem is that many ladies are still afraid to take the first step, and they doubt that they will manage to meet a decent man. To dispel the prejudices of Ukrainian beauties who dream about happy marriage with a foreigner, we had an interview with the founder of one of the most successful marriage agencies in our country- «Happy Family» IDA ,Elena Kovalevskaya. and asked about ways to find a “soulmate” among the “overseas princes”. How properly build a relationship, and then create a happy family. What are the main features of cooperation between ladies and marriage agency: what is the difference between expectations and reality, what clients want and what they get as a result? Based on my observations, positive expectations get true only those ladies which are positive, open to acquaintance with foreign men and long-term relationships, but at the same time realize that her future chosen one is a man from another country with a different culture and mentality. If a ladyl respects traditions, cultural heritage, the groom’s country history then it is easier for her to build a strong and happy family with him. But, alas, there are still the problem of another’s culture “non-acceptance”. Many ladies are not ready to be flexible and spend time studying the language and cultural values of the man she likes. They are sure that all foreigners who come to Ukraine are ready to marry the first they meet. This is not true. Among our clients we have men with good education and wealth. There are attorneys, businessmen, lawyers, owners of their own companies. They are interested in sincere feelings and search for the “soulmate”, which will be an inspiration and support in all endeavors. That’s why we work with ladies which want not only to get support from a man, but also are ready to do the same for him. What would you advise the ladies who plan to contact the marriage agency for the first time? If a lady has such a goal, then she will reach it. But I always warn them just in case «We are not wizards, but we will do everything that depends on us». Next stage is a large preparation: the lady’s profile appears on our website and the sites of our proven partners. These are international marriage networks operating under the law IMBRA, that is, under the law of international settlement. This means that our partners check the accuracy of the information provided by men: family name, family status, number of children. They also find out if a man had any problems with law. Only after that they sign with him an official document on cooperation. I think this is right, since a man, signing an official document when registering a profile is legally responsible for the provided information. Yes, and being of this document will a real advantage in the future. For example, when registering the bride’s visa, the first thing that a lawyer will ask for is an official document that was signed by a lady and a man at a meeting in the marriage agency. But the point is that our ladies sign exactly the same agreement.Of course, at first it causes a lot of controversy, as it seems to the ladies that we will use their data to do a bank account, for example. We always explain what the purposes of the profile filling in and the passport scanning and that it is also important for our partners to secure their clients from dating ladies with dubious goals. In addition to signing the contract, are there any more “tests” for ladies? All ladies get interviewed in our offices in Kiev and Kharkiv, providing the passport, which we scan, and a divorce document, if any. Our approach to the ladies selection is quite serious, but that’s why we are more likely than others rejoice in the news about formed couples and forthcoming weddings. What priorities have to have ladies who want to find a husband with a help of agency? It seems to me that the most important thing is to be sure that you really want to get married. Not just walking, not having good time with a man, but creating a strong and happy family. It will be easier for us and the lady to reach the goal, because there is a specificity. The second important point is that the lady should respect a man and at the same time, take his culture, parents, friends. And she will receive a similar attitude to herself. Strong, friendly and happy unions are created just on mutual respect and trust The third advice I give to ladies is to learn how truly to love. This means that one should treat a man with deep respect and gratitude, and in no case be offended if he did not give flowers or some nice present on the first date. It is possible that at the second or third meeting he will ask her hand in marriage, but only to that lady who will accurately assess this gesture. To be continued  

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