“Simple letters” vs “Smart letters”

03.05.2018 11:19

Every dating agency is interested in the high results of its activities: increase the number of happy couples and increase the agency’s income.. And do you know that communication by letters on international dating sites can be up to 30% of the agency’s income? This is true, but only if the search for fans to communication in letters will be organized correctly and effectively. ChatOS offers an innovative solution – “Smart letters” What is the difference between ordinary letters and Smart letters? Let’s find out the difference!

A smart letter is:

  1. Training of each translator is not required
  2. Letters are written only by experienced translators or administrators. Accordingly, the quality of the letter and its content are at the highest level
  3. A single database of letters in the personal account for the entire agency is a centralized archive of unique letters for various categories and interests of men.
  4. You don`t need to have a large number of letters.
  5. The system will select and send a letter to the man according to his criteria and interests. A man will understand that the letter was created just for him
  6. The same man will never receive the same letter

A simple letter is:

  1. Training of each agencies translator to write the letter correctly
  2. Obligatory control by the administrator of sent messages. Otherwise there is the risk of complaints, fines …
  3. The administrator must constantly monitor the writing of new letters by the translator. If not – the same letters send to the same men several times. And who responds to spam? Of course, noone
  4. The banal content of letters is about everything and about nothing, “suitable for all men.” In fact, this at times reduces the variety to get an answer. A man is waiting for a letter for him and about him, but not about universal love and happiness.
And now let’s compare the stages of creating a simple and smart letter

Smart letter:

  1. Experienced translators create a database of letters for all the agency for different categories of recipients
  2. Translator or administrator fills in information about the lady
  3. The translator opens the extension, selects the options for sending – and clicks “Start sending”

That’s all! There is no spam and duplicate letters, a unique letter gives rise to interest in the lady, and – you have a new fans.

Simple letter:

  1. The administrator teaches a translator to write the letter correctly
  2. The translator creates a letter
  3. The administrator controls the content, corrects, returns for revision …, approves
  4. The translator sends and waits for an answer
  5. A man receives a banal letter, which disappoints him. The letter is the same as hundreds of other letters in his mailbox
  6. The administrator constantly monitors the creation of new letters, and … again everything starts from point 2

The result – wasted time, strength and lack of feedback.

Did you notice the difference? Sure – yes! It is obvious. . We are sure that real progress is possible only with the use of the most optimal methods of work. And, as a rule, the one who quickly introduces innovative solutions to work, gets the maximum result. For this purpose, we have created the “Smart Letters” solution. Time is too valuable, pay attention to really important things. Find out about smart letters here: You can learn more about the extension functionality here: We wish you a pleasant and productive work! Sincerely, the ChatOS team.

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