There are answers to questions: how to choice Lady’s profile? Which profile gives the best result? which Lady is good to accompany?

12.03.2020 13:05

Let’s select clients for helping in the search.

The article is not short. But it’s better to take 5 minutes to find out and understand which profile will be effective for you, than waste your time and energy in vain.

1. Young VS Mature

Translators, Operators and Consultants, the best option is taking a profile + -5 years from your age.

A 20-year-old Translator is unlikely to be able to effectively conduct 45-year-old woman profile, and vice versa, an mature Consultant cannot provide information in the style that a 20-year-old client thinks and speaks about.

So, you won’t get Men’s interest in the profile, and if you do, you won’t hold it.

Moreover, in the communication between the Translator and the Lady there will be no harmonious interaction if there is an age gap between you. And, therefore, the result will be appropriate.

2. Blonde VS Brunette

Blonde is good! Still, the stereotype that Men respond more to blondes is not such a fiction. And, objectively speaking, from a few photos on the page, the eyes of most Men will first fall on an amazing blonde with a great smile. It is a fact. And that means that with a blonde, you will have priority in attracting attention in the first few seconds 🙂 Next, it depends you.

The brunette is also great! It’s just important to understand how to take the man’s attention in few seconds after he looks away from the blonde’s avatar and looks at your invitation to the chat. And, if you already hooked it, then communication threatens to be not frivolous or short-term.

And brunette Angelina Jolie is liked by Men more than she is blonde.

The secret is that for foreign men, the Slavic type of women is always attractive.  And, in fact, there are very few Men are categorical in the color of the hair of a chosen one. There are other characteristics, which are more importantly 🙂

Now, think, is hair color the MOST important characteristic in a man? 🙂 Hah, it’s unlikely

There is a conclusion, that all colors work. 

3. Confident Bright VS Romantic Sweetheart

These factors do not affect the level of popularity and demand for the profile at all.

There are always Men who like initiative, confident, strong and self-sufficient women.

And there are always Men who need gentle, shy, sweet women.

BUT! It is important that the Translator, Operator or Consultant be on the same wavelength as the Lady’s energy. Otherwise, if there is a cognitive dissonance, and a tender romantic profile will submit herself sharply-boldly, boldly-confidently, then such a profile “will not work.”

It is important to carry the image specified in the profile.

4. Sexy VS modest

Be careful. It should be understood that the profile that you decide to help in the search should resonate with your vision of beauty, life, principles … Why. Because if you do not want or it’s not yours (to talk not about serious topics), then you do not need to choose a sexy profile. More men go to sexy profiles and have the goal of having fun or flirting.

And, if attention full of passion is not thing that you are pleased to discuss, then choose a serious lady and help her on a dating site.

If you feel harmony with yourself, there will be excellent results.

And work without enjoyment is unlikely to be great and productive for you.

5. There is a contact VS There is no contact

Immediately find out if the Lady is interested in staying on a dating site. What is meant. If she is in the “I registered and do not touch me, I am waiting for the result” position , then it will be difficult for you.

Ideally, when a Lady helps to fight for the attention of Men, actively participates in the search, takes care to show her life and herself: contacts with you, takes videos, photos about her reality. Such profiles bring us more results than “expecting their happiness aside”

6. Top VS not top

What is a TOP profile? “popular” or “gets a lot of attention”…

Of course, everyone wants a TOP one. But what if not TOP? You have the chance to make it like that. There are practically no hopeless profiles. Because no one agency will register a profile, if there is no hope for success. For clients who do not fit the criteria of “demand” on a dating site, agencies are usually refuse and do not invest time and resources in wain.

This means that the level of demand for profiles should be sufficient to find fans.

There is a buyer for any product. There is a moment of the number of buyers for your product, but sometimes it’s better to have less, but longer (this is about the number of chats😊)

You just need to have the right offer for your audience.

Based on this, if we exclude the influence of magic and miracle, then the TOP profile is the result of the work of Translators, Operators, Consultants.

7. Old VS New

An one important point is ask what came before you.

If the profile is not new, already has a history on a dating site, find out all the details. Her entire history of communication, change of assistants, pleasant and unpleasant moments … All this will help you avoid unexpected “surprises” when you already delve into the work.

But even if there is no one to devote you to details, keep in mind that you too can analyze the past. (In the ChatOS extensions for chats and letters, there are info about fans, the history of correspondence, the content of sent messages and letters and men the Lady contacted with)

If you know everything, then you can safely lead not a new, but profile, which already has fans.

Well, the new profile is your clean sheet. Everything is in your hands in every sense of the word. A little time for starting and you can find out what a “top” profile is.

Start putting these tips into practice. 

Just pay attention that the manual search of the interlocutor is not prospective on international dating sites.

If you really want to have a lot of interlocutors and fans, so that your profile is noticed by men among thousands of other ladies from the site gallery, you definitely need ChatOS software.

Download extensions for chats [click] and for mails [click] for the dating site, and the automatic system will find you many men for active unforgettable communication and emotions.

And you just accept the chats and enjoy the male attention.

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