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Why are there so many recruitment ads for translators to dating agency? Why is it difficult to find a good translator? Why work and reward do not meet the expectations of both translator and the marriage agency?

СStandard feature of the translator’s work is that many hours of work and routine search takes more time than direct communication.

An irregular schedule seems so convenient as long as the translator begins to understand that an 8-hour staying online every day is not as effective as expected.

And at this time the administrator, who has taken the translator into particular work, waits for the result every day.

Then what? Stop working? Start another search? What’s wrong? Or maybe try in another agency?

There are answers to these questions now!

It’s just time to change the way you work!

Effective translator’s work is the success of the agency as a whole.

So, there are 5 secrets for increasing client’s and translator’s efficiency:

  1. Top rating – effective sending system, which is guaranteed to help attract attention to the profile and find an interlocutor on different dating sites. This is 80% of the work success. Such sending system is the right hand of an interpreter. The more features the sending system offers, the better the search result is. You can learn more about it and download it right now
  2. You have received an interlocutor, and now your task is to interest him and to make communication the longest. The secret of successful communication is your interest in the interlocutor. Be interested in his life, notice even small things and focus on the merits. You will see – it works. A lonely man is eager such interest.
  3. Regular communication. Now it would be good if your interlocutor became an admirer and communicated constantly. You are interested in it and you wait for the next communication. But what if he is not alone and you simply can not remember all the details of communication with each man. One mistake – and you will lose an admirer, because, for example you forgot the name of his favorite dog. And this is super important for him)) For this there is a very good helper which will help you remember everything and always.
  4. Learn to write “right letters”. Many translators underestimate the importance of letters. Do you know that men re-read letters several times? No? This is true. Therefore, what you write, arrange or turn away the admirer. Look at the man’s profile once again, and write about what he is interested in. Believe me, it will not take long, but it will give a good result.
  5. Try to work regularly. Believe me, this is not difficult if the work brings good results. Never too much money, right? And many admirers too) Do you agree?
And in conclusion:

Start putting these tips into practice. 

Just pay attention that the manual search of the interlocutor is not prospective on international dating sites.

If you really want to have a lot of interlocutors and fans, so that your profile is noticed by men among thousands of other ladies from the site gallery, you definitely need ChatOS software.

Download extensions for chats [click] and for mails [click] for the dating site, and the automatic system will find you many men for active unforgettable communication and emotions.

And you just accept the chats and enjoy the male attention.

Go Ahead!

Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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