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Many of us think that the time for letters has gone in the past. We communicate with short messages, by phone … But not in letters. So the skill to write interesting letters is gradually forgotten. It works well, but … not for the dating agency.

Letters from ladies of the dating agency are the ones of the main ways to attract the man’s attention . What a woman writes can be the beginning of a successful relationship. Why?

The answer is here:

Men are very romantic by nature, even if they want to seem brutal outside. They can read some letters several times, finding new meaning again and again. And here women can use all the magic of writing, because the letter is not a chat, not rush, not a restriction in time or means. It’s a wonderful way to claim yourself as the most special lady. And now:

The main secrets of writing a letter, which are guaranteed to work for you:

  1. A bright beginning. Your letter should fascinate the man from the first lines. There must be something that will not allow a man to leave you without attention. You can immediately ask a question, the answer to which all men want to know. And answer it in a way so he could not close this letter
  2. Talk to a man in your letter. Dry statement of facts or citation of your hobbies is boring, even if your hobby is super unique. Ask questions. Smile)), be surprised, show your delight. Yes- Yes! A letter can be very emotional. If a man feels these emotions – he’s yours)
  3. Your photo will add colors to your letter. Men receive hundreds of letters on dating sites. And as a rule they do not open letters without photos. Remember, men are visuals. And an extra way to please their eyes is another plus to your profile.
  4. Talk about yourself, but ask a man. This rule works very well. If you do this, in most cases, the man will answer you, and this is already mutuality. A man can not be impolite with a lady who wrote such a sensual and emotional letter, and is waiting for answers to her questions.
  5. THE MAIN THING is to send many letters. Yes, it is very difficult to send a large number of letters to different men manually, hoping for an answer. But THERE IS A SOLUTION FOR THIS- extensions for letters from ChatOS for various dating sites. This extension will help you to choose men by certain parameters, make letters unique, it will not spam as many bots do. Letters from the ChatOS system is an opportunity to find admirer quickly and efficiently.
You can find out all about the extensions for letters here..
In conclusion: Create few super interesting emails using our advice, download the extensions, upload your photo to it, specify the parameters for men that might be of interest to you, make one click by starting the mailing – and just wait for your prince) Have a productive search, dear ladies! Go Ahead! Your admirers are waiting for you to find them)) Start putting these tips into practice.  Just pay attention that the manual search of the interlocutor is not prospective on international dating sites. If you really want to have a lot of interlocutors and fans, so that your profile is noticed by men among thousands of other ladies from the site gallery, you definitely need ChatOS software. Download extensions for chats [click] and for mails [click] for the dating site, and the automatic system will find you many men for active unforgettable communication and emotions. And you just accept the chats and enjoy the male attention. Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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