Why letters work

28.11.2018 12:00


5 facts proving the profitability of letters. This data is specially for you!

  1. Conversion of male recipients to interlocutors after the letters have been sent increases.
  2. In a case when after each chat a man gets a letter, the probability of feedback from him increases. Each chat involves writing a letter and vice versa.
  3. The number of sent invitations to a man in a chat per day is huge and the probability that a man will see each of them is low, and the number of letters received by a man is lower. Accordingly, the probability that he will pay attention to letters is higher.
  4. Even with the lowest conversion, if you send 1000 letters per day and receive 1 response, then for a month this will increase the turnover from 100$ on 1 profile, it stands for 500$ for translator who helps 5 ladies.
  5. If 10 translators create 1 letter per day a database of 300 unique letters during a month is formed. Letters readability and responsiveness can be easily checked using the ChatOS system. Accordingly, next month you will be able to work even more efficiently, choosing the best letters that have received the maximum feedback from men.
Start putting these tips into practice.  Just pay attention that the manual search of the interlocutor is not prospective on international dating sites. If you really want to have a lot of interlocutors and fans, so that your profile is noticed by men among thousands of other ladies from the site gallery, you definitely need ChatOS software. Download extensions for chats [click] and for mails [click] for the dating site, and the automatic system will find you many men for active unforgettable communication and emotions. And you just accept the chats and enjoy the male attention.

There is nothing to add:) The facts prove themselves! Write letters and go ahead! We have checked that it works! Sincerely, the ChatOS team!

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