Why it is important to write letters to men on international dating sites?

03.10.2018 12:00

To write or not to write? Do the letters work or not? What will you gain or lose if you send a letter to a man? These questions are eternal.

And most of the dating agencies say that letters do not work, they are not interesting to anyone, they are not read while other agencies are successfully implement letters in work, finding admirers and earning excellent balances on letters. Well, the right for everyone and everyone to take this or that position.

And while someone thinks and doubts we will tell you about the benefits you get if you set up a process of writing letters.

  • Maximum amount of male audience reach

Here is the statistics of our research. On the average dating site there are approximately about 4000000 active male users registered. When a lady is online the number of men at a certain point in time is 1000-1500 in average. Yes, they can change throughout the day, but to attract the attention of at least 1000 men a day this is really impossible task, even if the lady is online 24 hours and focused exclusively on chatting. While letters are able to reach an audience of 1,000 men a day by sending letters. This is a completely solvable task.

  • Communication despite of time zone difference

As you know, the time zone difference creates a certain difficulty in communication, because when it is evening in the US – it is late night in Ukraine. If a lady has already started communication with a man, of course, you can adjust and agree on some mutually convenient time, but what if the man is not warmed by her attention yet .

Here correspondence by letters is a good helper and a way of establishing communication and discovering each other at the first stage. Write your letter exclusively for men with whom you have a different time zone, but which may be of interest to you by certain criteria. What do you lose? And potentially you get the opportunity to find new fans.

  • Intrigue in communication

Men are predators and conquerors! It is very important and vital for them to disclose all the new faces of their second half, so that the lady appeared for him the same unread book. In other words, we need an intrigue which will attract, attract and stimulate communication. So, in the process of communication, the intrigue can be skillfully created and maintained in the process of correspondence. Attract a man with your personality through correspondence, and he will become your fan and he will wait for another letter from you to get to know your secrets and undisclosed faces.

  • Positive emotions

Generally speaking, what first of all makes a person happy and conquers his soul and heart? This is undoubtedly positive emotions that he receives. Remember the phrase: “Dance, you have got a letter!” – this proves this fact like nothing else. People tend to wait for “news” from the one whom he sympathizes with or for whom he is not indifferent, or just close.

Or maybe a man is interested in the profile and he needs to get enthusiasm and joy from the fact that he also has some interest. From the flow of invitations to the chat – it is very difficult and extremely impossible that a man will receive an emotion from the lady, which 100% can be realized by means of correspondence by letters. And these emotions a man can experience again and again rereading the text of the letter and writing an answer to it.

  • Easiness

Everyone knows the situation when 10 people are trying to ask something at the same time, to get to know something or to communicate at the same time. What kind of emotions does this situation cause? 99% of people are annoyed, and if we are talking about men who are single-tasked and capable to perform only one task, and not 10 tasks at a time, then this is a complete crash). Of course, now we are not talking about Caesar the Great). This exactly describes the situation when 10 ladies at the same time send invitations to a man to chat. Will he be able to answer them all or at least a few?

What to say about letters. Suppose the situation is identical, the man was sent 10 letters. He opens the mailbox and without unnecessary pressure, haste and tension looks through them. What is the probability that he will answer at least a few, of course, in a case that your letter was interesting for him? – definitely the probability is much higher. After all, it is more convenient to hold a dialogue when a man is in mood, and nothing prevents him from opening, reading, thinking about the answer, putting thoughts and soul into him.

  • Duration of communication

It is very important always to keep in touch. It happens that not always we have the opportunity to communicate in real time. But the letter is a way to keep communication, attitude, remind the person about yourself and stay in touch. Be in “touch” with your interlocutor and keep the duration of your relationship even if there is no stable Internet, many cases, worries, etc. After all, in order to write a letter you need always a minimum of time, money and effort.

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