The workstation preparation

06.04.2017 11:07

There are several profiles or sites in front of you

Translators, whose task is to help ladies  in chat, have to work simultaneously with several browsers, as well as ladies. If you wish to start  search simultaneously on several browsers (in case, it is allowed by the rules of site). Thus, you have to follow several windows at the same time but you can hardly see them as one window covers the other one. It becomes a difficult task. Once for all to solve this problem, ChatOS offers a very easy and an effective solution. With a help of two tools, within couple seconds you can set your desktop for the desired number of browsers and in that type you wish. In addition to that, you will see all windows at the same time and your computer will start to work faster. This tool is universal for all sites, that is why it is important to understand a mode, as a usage is everywhere the same. You have to do the following two steps to prepare your desktop:

Hide unnecessary site elements

In the image above, you can see a schematic picture of site with:
  1. Header – a site’s heading;
  2. LS – a left panel, as a usual it is a list of online men;
  3. RS – a right panel, as a usual a list of contacts;
  4. Extra elements depending on a site, it can be:
    1. Buttons – to send a message, a translation, etc.;
    2. Pop-up windows of a site with notifications;
    3. Clearing of contacts list;
    4. And etc.
Having clicked on each block, you will hide or show it. If a block is hidden, it will be in red, but it will be in white if shown. The classic setting offers the following ones to be left:
  1. Your block of chatting;
  2. Your contact list.
All the rest elements are auxiliary ones and can stay hidden. Thus, the first step foresees clicking on all blocks, except of RS – Right Sidebar. After it, you will see only a chat page with a chat block, a list of contacts and extra elements from  ChatOS (a window of inbox, a list of followers and etc.). Thus, the first step is complete, 2-4 clicks and the site is ready. It is easy, isn’t it?

Arranging windows on the screen of monitor

In the image above, you can see a schematic picture of arrangement and an appropriate size of a browser window. This tool is divided into two parts:
  1. A work with two or four browser windows;
  2. A work with three or six browser windows.
The mode of functioning is the same as for both blocks. Decide how many browsers you want to use simultaneously and just click on the corresponding square. After it, the window will be shifted to the chosen space and modified in size. Thus, you can place: 2,3,4,5 browser windows on the desktop and they will be simultaneously visible. You will see all chats and it will be easy for you to switch them.

Four clicks and everything will be ready

 Let’s count clicks:
  1. Open an extension;
  2. Hide Header – a heading;
  3. Hide LS – Left Sidebar;
  4. Place a window where you wish.
Convenient? Text us, please, if you have any comments or suggestions about our system. Sincerely, the ChatOS team.

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