06.04.2017 11:44

ChatOS offers a set of tools for sending mails to men. The search for interlocutors is quiet boring work, so why not to task this boring process for a machine?
4 simple tools which will perform all tasks for you:

Do 4 following steps to send letters to your men:
  1. Set a group of receivers: Results of search, a HotList (a tool of favourites of the site, it can be named differently). Admirers
  2. Set a number of letters you want to send
  3. Set a speed of letters sending – a strong request to be loyal to sites and not to set the speed quicker than 20 sec. for decreasing loading on the server. If everyone send with a high speed it will difficult to work, thus the quality of work will be decreasing and its rating as well
  4. Set a text of letter what you want to send. In the text of letter you can use special commands:
    1. {name} – a name of man will be pasted instead of this command if it is indicated or its login;
    2. {age} – an age of man;
    3. Extra commands. Propositions are requested how to develop this mechanism. Please, call us or text.
If you want to send a mail  to men according to search criteria “Send a mail”, in this case you can specify criteria of a man search on the site with a help of section ‘Search parameters”. Just click on it and you will see a list of criteria for a man search on the site what are embedded in the extension.
Hence, doing 4 steps you will identify an audience of receivers of your letter, its speed of sending and a text of your letter. We hope you will like it. Have a nice chat! Sincerely, the ChatOS team

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